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Skating Articles from the Year 2000

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An unofficial index to all of the articles Kathie Fry wrote in 2000 for the inline skating Web site at About.com. Kathie was the inline skating editor at About.com from September of 1999 through July of 2003, and her articles remained on that Web site until August 24, 2004 when a new About.com guide was hired.

Fred and Ginger on Roller Skates
In the 1937 RKO Pictures film, "Shall We Dance", Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers perform one of their dance routines on roller skates.

Cecilie Mogensen of Denmark
This 12 year old speedskater from Bornholm Island may soon become one of the most difficult skaters to beat on the world inline racing circuit

High Tech Gifts for Skaters
The most popular electronic gadgets in 2000 for skaters, cyclists, runners, and other athletes. Gift ideas for your geeky outdoor friends (published at About.com on December 17, 2000)

Scooter Injuries Skyrocket
In September of 2000, scooter injuries surpassed inline skating injuries for the first time. Scooter injury statistics from 1998 through 2000.

ESPN Moved X Games to Philly
ESPN is moving the X Games from San Francisco to Philadelphia for 2001 and 2002.

2000 Asian X Games Results
Results of the of the aggressive inline skating events at the 2000 Asian X Games, which took place in Phuket Thailand December 7-10, 2000.

Skate on a Formula One Track in Hungary
Skate on the world famous Hungaroring Formula One race track in Budapest, Hungary on May 4-6, 2000

Skating Socks - 3 Rules to Remember
Can't figure out which socks to wear with which skates? Here are 3 rules to remember when you shop for skating sock

2000 Long Beach Marathon Photos
Photos, results, and reports from the Long Beach Marathon in Southern California on November 12, 2000.

Sven Boekhoerst in Clap Skates on a Half-Pipe
Photos of aggressive world champion Sven Boekhorst skating a half-pipe in 5 wheel Mogema clap skates, plus photos of world vert champion Taig Khris, Team Rollerblade manager Cory Miller, long time pro skater Mike Budnik, and 10 year old Willie Woo.

Kathie's Samba Girl Halloween Costume
Several views of the "SambaGRRL" Halloween costume I wore to our Southern California Halloween skates in 2000 (published at About.com on November 16, 2000)

A 38 Year Old Speed Skating Club in Belgium
Flanders, Belgium is well known for its canals, beautiful landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, but not many people know that it is also the home of a 38 year old speedskating club: The Zandvoorde Roller Club.

Zen and the Art of Ceramic Bearings
Mechanical engineer Kyle Milliken discusses the pros and cons of ceramic bearings and bearings with a high ABEC rating.

The 2000 Cuba Cup
Copa Cuba de Patinaje de Carreras is the National Championships event for inline speedskating in Cuba, and it ends with the Marvana Marathon in Havana. In 2000 the event is November 14-20, 2000.

L.A. Thursday Night Skate
The new Downtown Los Angeles Thursday Night Skate happens twice a month, and skaters meet at the famous "Dome Village" homeless shelter.

Feed Your Skate Bearings
Cliff Chi, the owner of Sonic Sports, talks about lubricants for skate bearings, including the difference between grease and oil based lubricants, and the difference between petroleum based and synthetic lubricants.

2000 Rosarito to Ensenada Roll (by Dan)
Los Angeles skater Dan Benveniste tells what it was like to skate 54 miles in Mexico, from Rosarito to Ensenada, in the middle of 15,000 cyclists (Posted at About.com on October 30, 2002. NOTE: NOT ALL OF THE IMAGES HAVE BEEN POSTED YET IN THIS NEW VERSION)

Papeete Friday Night Skate
The skaters of Papeete on the French Polynesian island of Tahiti, had their first Friday night skate on September 30, 2000.

2000 Cactus Speed Classic
Challenge yourself by skating this difficult marathon in Tucson, Arizona on Sunday, September 5, 2000.

Skate Against Violence
Photos of the "Skate Against Violence" group, at the October 20 Santa Monica Friday Night Skate, after they skated to Los Angeles from San Francisco. Zack Phillips played rollersoccer all the way down Santa Monica Boulevard!

Venice Beach Skaters Dancing in a Line
Photos of skaters dancing in a line, at the temporary Venice Beach skate dance circle,

How to Buy a Razor Scooter
Before you buy one of those popular aluminum mini-scooters, learn who makes authentic Razor scooters, what brands they are sold under, how to recognize a fake, and which model to buy.

Photos of the Silver Comet Trail
This country trail in Georgia runs through forests and meadows, and it has several interesting tunnels and bridges to cross. When construction is completed, it will connect with the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama, and those trails will have a combined distance of more than 100 miles.

A2A 2000 Finish Line Photos
Photos of the first three skaters crossing the finish line at the A2A Road Skate in Georgia on Sunday, October 1, 2000

Halloween Skates
Skaters in cities from Melbourne, Australia to Washington DC will dress up in costumes and parade through the streets October 27 through 31 (an earlier version of this article was posted at About.com on October 2, 2000)

The United States Cup
Two important United States speedskating organizations have joined forces to create this new indoor and outdoor speed series, with a cash purse of nearly $100,000.

Southern California Beach Cams
Southern California has many great Web Cams, and several of them are pointing directly at the skate path that runs for 25 miles along the coast, between Malibu and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Skating the Duluth Aerial Bridge
The next time you skate the Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, don't miss skating across the aerial lift bridge that connects Point Park to the City of Duluth

Skating the Duluth Lakewalk Path
Photos of inline skating on the Duluth Minnesota Downtown Lakewalk Path

Crossing the Berlin Finish Line
These five photos from the 2000 Berlin Marathon, show the first three skaters approaching and crossing the finish line. This was the decisive moment of the race.

World Record Attempts
Attempts to break the inline skating world's records for distance skated in 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours.

Victor Harbor Australia

Photos of several beautiful skating paths in Victor Harbor on the Fleurieu Peninsula in Southern Australia.

Jesus Roller Skating with Friends
There is a mural on the First Lutheran Church in Venice, California called "Jesus Roller Skating with Friends in Venice Beach".

How to Heat Mold Speed Boots
If you have speedskates that do not fit perfectly, it might be possible to heat the boots and custom mold them to fit your particular feet. Here's how to do it.

A Russian Downhill Skating Event in Sosnovyi Bor
Great photos of downhill skating, from the first downhill competition ever held in Russia, in Sosnovyi Bor near St. Petersburg, on July 15 and 16, 2000.

Does Your Skating Stink or Is It Your Feet?
Tips for preventing foot odor, and some of the newest treatments options. Some of them are quite radical and one of them will shock you (orginally published at About.com on August 21, 2000)

Wheel Rotation Strategies
Three different methods for rotating skate wheels: #1 is the method usually recommended by skate manufacturers, #2 is for people who love to rotate wheels, and #3 is what most of us end up doing.

Surreal Inline Speedskater
Eric Maurer of Skatetrix.ch in Switzerland took these fantastic photos of Team Reidell speedskater Phil Schneider, on a dark rain day, using very slow film.

Swiss-German Team Reidell
Profiles and photos of the members of this European speed team founded by Visiomatics of Switzerland, and sponsored by Reidell Skates USA and Telemedia Marketing of Germany.

Venice Beach Reopening
In the summer of 2000, the Venice Beach bike path, pavilion, skate dance circle, aggressive ramp, and graffiti pit were completely torn out and renovated. They re-opened the weekend of August 12-13. (page still needs photo)

Roller Cops of Puerto Rico
This article, by Agent Juan C. Matos, has plenty of interesting photos and information about Puerto Rico's 25-officer inline skating police unit. Agent Matos is a sworn police officer and an IISA-certified skating instructor.

Rollerjoring: Dog-Powered Inline Skating
Richard Dale-Mesaros and his wife Lidia of AllTerrainDog.com spend much of their free time being dragged through the woods behind one or more of their five dogs.

A Medieval Fun Roll on a Swedish Island
A 17-mile fun roll in a Medieval Swedish Village.

A Brutal Uphill Battle in Switzerland
Photos of a difficult uphill inline race in Switzerland on July 9, 2000: The Davos Alpine Uphill. This race was the only uphill event in the 2000 Swiss Inline Cup.

Where to Skate Nude Legally
Skating Without Tan Lines: Information and advice about skating in the nude, and where you can do it legally.

Introduction to Roller Skating in Italy
A very interesting article by Giuseppe Varriale, Webmaster of ItalianSkating.com. He talks about inline and quad skating in Italy, and the status of some proposed legislation that will benefit skaters in that country.

Visby-Tofta Path on Gotland
Photos of the beautiful Visby-Tofta Bike path on the Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea on the Southeast coast of Sweden.

A 300 Mile Fun Roll in Finland
Do you think you could you skate 5 or 6 days straight, traveling 40 to 80 miles a day? That's what Finland's Katukiitäjät inline skating club does every year at FinLine. They consider this 300 mile annual event a fun roll!

How to Live the Antioxidant Lifestyle
A program for a healthier life, developed by Dr. David Leaf and Dr. Peter Glassman, authors of the new book, "The Oxidative Balance". Dr. Glassman is a Southern California Pro-Master level inline speedskater who competes at the national level.

The Slalom Skaters of Göteborg
If you ever make it to to Southern Sweden, don't miss the slalom skaters in Slottsskogen, the largest park in the City of Göteborg.

A Toolkit of Stopping Techniques
Creative techniques for stopping on inline skates. DISCLAIMER: This is a humorous article. Some of the stopping methods are serious and some are just plain silly! Don't attempt them or you may get hurt or die!.

See the World on Inline Skates
Enhance your travel adventures by bringing your inline skates. Resources to help you plan your trip, and travel reports from other skaters

Skating the Chicago Lakefront Path
One of the best places in the world to skate is Chicago's lakefront Path Path, between Belmont Harbor and Oak Street Beach. (article still needs photos)

The Basics of Speedskating
An introduction to good speed skating techniques plus tips for practicing and perfecting those techniques. These tips came from a a long-time indoor and outdoor speed skating coach.

Speed Practice at El Dorado Park
Every Saturday morning, Southern California Speedskaters gather for speed practice at El Dorado Park in Long Beach.

Best U.S. Skating Events
Allan Wright of Zephyr Tours shares his list of the best skating events in the United States. He selected events based on number of participants, organization, history, and appropriateness to all levels of skaters.

Why I Love Skating in Venice Beach
One of the best places in the world to skate is Venice Beach in Southern California.

Skate of the Union 2000
In May and June of 2000, five U.S. cities will host IISA fund raisers for Easter Seals.

Joe's Knees: Don't Let This Happen to You
Photos of what can happen if you don't wear your knee and elbow pads. Send us your best photos of your worst accidents. Help us shock skaters into wearing their head and body protection.

Zephyr Skate Tours - Would I Take One?
At a presentation in Long Beach California, Allan Wright, the owner of Zephyr Inline Skate Tours, answered everyone's questions about his skating vacations in Europe and the United States.

ASA Pro Tour 2000 Update
Event schedules, results, articles and news abou the Aggressive Skating Association Pro Tour 2000. This feature was created on April 27, but it is continuously updated, as results and new information becomes available.

Online Tools and Converters for International Skaters
Free on-line calculators and converters for area, length, volume, weight, currency, distance, languages, mathematics, metric units, imperial units, speed, temperature, and time

Training the Roller Cops of London
How a London skating instructor and a Fairfax Virginia police officer established the first inline skating police force in the United Kingdom: The London Royal Parks Constabulary.

My First Day on 5 Wheel Speed Skates
Photos of my first day on 5-wheel inline speed skates.

1998 Rosarito to Ensenada Roll (by Michael)
Michael Collins and 2 other skaters joined this tough 50-mile cycling event in 1998. The Ensensenada to Rosarito Roll happens twice a year.

Skate from Denmark to Sweden on June 10, 2000
Skate, bicycle, run, or walk across the the new Oresund Fixed Link Bridge that runs from Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmo in Sweden. Join thousands of people for a grand opening celebration June 9-22, 2000
  • Announcement (Sweden)
  • Photos (Sweden)
  • Photos (Denmark)

    A Swiss Champion in Zurich Station
    Beautiful photos of Swiss artistic skating champion, Nathalie Biedermann on inline skates in Zurich's Central Train Station.

    How to do a Grass Stop
    Allan Wright of Zephyr Inline Skate Tours explains how to "Use the Grass to Save Your ..." Second article in a new series called "How to Stop on Inline Skates".

    How to do a T-Stop
    How to execute a perfect T-stop. Step by step instructions and tips from other skaters. First article in a new series called "How to Stop on Inline Skates".

    Moving from 4 Wheels to 5
    Swedish inline skater and guest writer, Joakim Wassberg, describes his experience switching from 4 wheel recreational skates to 5 wheel speed skates.

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