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2001 Skating Articles at About.com
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An unofficial index to all of the articles Kathie Fry wrote in 2001 for the inline skating Web site at Abotu.com. Kathie was the Inline Skating Guide for About.com from September of 1999 through July of 2003, and her articles remained on that Web site until August 24, 2004 when a new About.com guide was hired.

Vertical Roller Skater Brian Wainwright
Aggressive skating on quad roller skates is not something you see every day, but pro skater Brian Wainwright has been doing it for years. Brian explains how he got started and he has some tips for people who want to try it. (article published at About.com on December 10, 2001)

Light Protection Wrist Guards
I always recommend that skaters wear wrist guards with hard plates covering the top and bottom of the wrists, but there are other options for skaters who make the personal choice to wear hand protection that is less protective but lighter in weight (published at about.com on December 3, 2001)

Adjustable Skates for Kids
When people ask about skates for children, I always recommend one of the high-end, size-adjustable children's skates made by several well known and reputable skate manufacturers (earlier version of this article published at About.com on November 26, 2001)

Aggressive Skates for Kids
It is not easy to find aggressive skates in children's sizes, but some skate companies are making them. Here are my favorites (earlier version of this article published at About.com on November 26, 2001)

NOV 19 - Roller Hockey Skates for Kids
The quick turns, rapid stopping, and high level of agility required by roller hockey can be enhanced by a good pair of skates, but skates that do not fit properly or provide adequate support can cause injuries. Here are some high quality hockey skates for children (aatp-skates-kids-hockey)

5-Wheel Fitness Skates
If you have been thinking about moving from 4 wheels to 5, but you are not ready to give up the comfort and ankle support of your recreational skates, try one of these high end 5 wheel fitness skates (article published at About.com on November 12, 2001)

High Tech Gadgets for Skaters
When you are shopping for a gift for your favorite skater, consider one of these electronic gadgets. Some of them are healthy, some are practical, and some are just a lot of fun (published at About.com on November 5, 2001)

NOV 02 - Free Chad Hedrick Skating Clinic
World champion Chad Hedrick and top-ranked skater Theresa Cliff will conduct a free skating technique clinic for fitness skaters in Southern California on November 9 (aa011102)

Casey Pieretti, Motivational Skater
Profile and photos of motivational speaker, triathlon athlete, and amputee skater Casey Pieretti (published at About.com on November 1, 2001)

OCT 25 - Photos of a Fast Blond (ADD MORE PHOTOS)
This beautiful Arizona skater broke an inline skating world's record in 1999. Can you guess who it is? (MORE PHOTOS NEED TO BE ADDED)

OCT 18 - 2001 Long Beach Marathon
This Southern California event is always a full day of family fun, with races in the morning and food, beer, music, entertainment, and socializing all afternoon. This year it is an unofficial stop on the Roller World Cup Tour (aa011018)

OCT 14 - Top 5 Arizona Skating Events
The most popular skating events in Arizona for inline skaters and quad roller skaters (aa011014)

Are ABEC Bearings Better?
What are ABEC skate bearings? Should you pay extra for them? Here is an explanation of the ABEC rating scale and some opinions from the experts (published at About.com on October 6, 2001)

OCT 04 - Bearing Sizes and Codes
An introduction to skate bearing sizes, codes, and part numbers (bl-bearing-sizes)

Skater Daniel Peterson Died After Wild Ride
Have you ever been towed on skates behind a truck or a car? Read this and you will never try it again. This is a sad story (published at About.com on October 3, 2001)

SEP 29 - Come With Me To Cuba
Join skaters from all over the world at the Cuba Inline Cup and Marabana Inline Marathon in Havana, Cuba, November 14-18, 2001 (aa010929a)

SEP 29 - U.S. Athletes CAN Visit Cuba
Everything a U.S. citizen needs to know about visiting Cuba for an athletic event (aa010929b)

OCT 28 - Recycle Your Skating T-Shirts (NEEDS SOME WORK)
Are skating t-shirts filling up your closet? Turn them into a beautiful memory quilt or wall hanging (aa010928)

SEP 12 - A Tribute to Jorge Coutinho
I am very saddened to announce that Jorge Coutinho of the International Roller Sports Federation died suddenly in Portugal on September 12, 2001 (aa010912)

SEP 11 - Team Salomon Training Tips ADD MORE PHOTOS
Did you ever wonder how the pro teams turn their bodies into powerful, super-charged, skating machines? Team Salomon was kind enough to share some of their special training techniques (aa010911)

Taig Khris Bio and Photo Gallery
A slide show with 11 close-up photos of this world champion aggressive vert skater (About.com version was dated September 10, 2001)

SEP 07 - Swedish Skater Takes a Fall
Ulf Haase was one of the best looking skaters in Stockholm before he fell and dragged his face across a manhole cover. Here are some before and after photos (aa010907)

Did Roller Skating Miss the Olympic Bus Again?
Roller skating seems to meet the IOC requirements for an Olympic Sport, but is the seven year time limit going to freeze us out of the 2008 Games? (first published at About.com on September 4, 2004).

Organize a Hallween Skate
Now is the time to start planning a group Halloween skate in your city. Here is a schedule of Halloween skates in 2001, photos from last year's events, and hundreds of costume ideas (similar article published at About.com on September 1, 2001).

AUG 29 - Why They Call Me Scary Chick
I never thought I would show this photo to anyone. When you see it you will know why. If you us it as your desktop wallpaper, no one will dare to come anywhere NEAR your computer (aa010829)

Naked Skating in FaSST Magazine
If you subscribe to Fitness and Speedskating Times Magazine, check the August 2001 issue for my article about skating naked in San Francisco (published at About.com on August 20, 2001)

AUG 19 - Photos of a Race in Belgium
Last week I flew to Belgium for the Flanders International Grand Prix. Some of the fastest skaters in the world come to this event year after year. It is an exciting and well-organized race, in a lovely location, with a very special atmosphere (bl-fgp2001)

AUG 05 - Roller World Cup 2002 Schedule
Here is a provisional schedule for the 2002 World Speedskating Roller Cup. If you have not yet registered your event, you should do so now (aa010805)

Photos of Inline Skating in Finland
Photos of the FinLine 2001 skaters arriving in Hanko after they skated 1500 kilometers across Finland.

X Games Special Report LOOK AT THIS
A special report on the Summer World X Games in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 11-22, 2001. News, schedules, photos, articles, sports, athletes, and more (aa010731 was published on July 31, 2001)

07/30/01 - A Portuguese Skating Club
Profile and photos of the Clube de Patinagem de Serpa inline skating club in Portugal (aa010730)

07/29/01 - 6 Days of Racing in Portugal
Photos from last year's 6 Dias Serpa-Alentejo race in Portugal. The 2001 event will take place August 17-23 (aa010729)

Skating in St. Petersburg Russia
Part 1 of a series of articles about inline skating in St. Petersburg. The best places to skate, where to find other skaters, road trips to nearby towns, and more (published at About.com on July 28, 2001)

A Philly Freedom Skate Striptease
The Philadelphia Freedom Skate is always a wild event, but this is the first year anyone took their off their clothes and danced the rain (published at About.com on July 23, 2001)

The Summer X Games Schedule LOOK AT THIS
I'm building a special page for About.com coverage of the Summer X Games in Philadelphia but for now, here is some information about the schedule for this year (an article about this event was published at about.com July 8, 2001)

Celebrating July 4th at About.com
This article is not reprinted here because most of the articles linked to in the article are no longer online.

Daniel's Wild Week in Mallorca
A highly entertaining story about a one-week skating adventure in Mallorca, Spain, written by Swedish skater Daniel Edman with photographs by Ulf Haase. (published at About.com on June 30, 2001).

06/27/01 - A Rollerski Event in Sweden
The organizers of Vasaloppet, the largest cross-country skiing race in the world, have organized a rollerski and inline skating competition that will follow approximately the same route (aa010627)

06/23/01 - Hourglass Shaped Skate Wheels
Dahan Industries has invented a new type of aggressive skate with hourglass shaped wheels designed for grinding rails and curbs (aa010623a)

06/21/01 - Heelys and Stabilizers
These innovative products for skaters were selected as two of the top 30 sports products of the (aa010621)

06/10/01 - Skater's Swap Meet in California
On June 24, 2001 there will be an inline skating swap meet and social skate in the City of Alameda in Northern California (aa010610)

06/07/01 - Two Remedies for Skate Boot Pain
Two of my favorite products for preventing and treating foot pain caused by new or ill-fitting skate boots (aa010607a)

06/02/01 - You Can Skate Naked on June 17th
Join Sandy Snakenberg, fifty inline skaters, and photographer Jack Gescheidt for a naked skating photography session in San Francisco on June 17, 2001 (us-ca-sf20010817)

A 1300k Roll Across Finland
For two weeks in July of 2001, the members of a Helsinki inline skating club will participate in a 1300k (800 mile) fun roll across Finland, and you are invited to join them.

05/29/01 - Stockholm Friday Night Skate
The very first Friday night skates in Stockholm, Sweden will happen on June 1 and June 8, 2001 (aa010529)

05/28/01 - Downhill Europacup #1 Results
The first Downhill Europacup event in 2001 was held in Passy France on May 27. Here is a report and some preliminary results (aa010528)

05/27/01 - 5 Day Skating Adventure in Paris
In May of 2001 15 skaters from 3 different countries toured Paris for 5 days with Zephyr Inline Skate Tours. Here are photos and trip reports written by 5 of the skaters who participated (aa010527b)

Rear View Mirrors for Skaters
Have you ever wished you had eyes in the back of your head when you were skating? Here are more than a dozen rear view mirrors that can be attached to your wrist guards, eye glasses, or helmet (published at About.com on May 18, 2001)

05/17/01 - Skating on Mogema Clap Frames
In Parts 1 and 2 of this article, Dave Parcells of CDS Detroit explained how he installed the Mogema clap frame onto his Miller Boots. In Parts 3 and 4 he tells us what it was like to skate on clap frames for the first time (aa010511c)

05/15/01 - Installing Clap Frames - Part 2
In Part 1 of this article,, Dave told us about his first attempt to install the Mogema M41 clap frame on his Miller Boots. Now Dave tells us what he would do differently next time (aa010511b)

05/14/01 - Festival de la Santé 2001
On Sunday, May 20th there will be a Sports Festival and 32k inline skating race in Montreal, Canada (aa010514)

05/11/01 - Installing Clap Frames - Part 1
Dave Parcells of CDS Detroit shares his experience installing Mogema's M14 Clap Frame onto his Miller Boots (aa010511)

05/10/01 - 2001 Long Beach Inline Marathon
This race in California will be held on November 11 in 2001, and it will include both a full and a half marathon for inline skaters (aa010510)

05/08/01 - The Baltic Cup in Sweden
In July of 2001, nine Baltic Sea countries will send their best inline skaters to Varberg, Sweden to compete in a new inter-country competition called The Baltic cup (aa010508)

05/07/01 - New Copenhagen Friday Night Skate
In June of 2001, the city of Copenhagen in Denmark will have their first Friday night skate, modeled after a similar event in Paris, France (aa010507)

05/06/01 - Photographing Indoor Sports
The New York Institute of Photography explains how to take photos at an indoor sporting event, including what film and settings to use, where to position yourself, and how to get the best shots (aa010506)

A Roller Limbo Troup in Beijing
The Beijing Bid Committee for the 2008 Olympic Summer Games invited a roller limbo troup to perform for FIRS president Isidro Oliveras in April of 2001 (published at About.com on May 5, 2001)

05/04/01 - Skater's Killer Gets 6 Years
In June of 2000, drunk driver Carla Wagner killed inline skater Helen Witty near Miami, Florida. Both the driver and the skater were teenage girls (aa010504)

05/03/01 - Xtreme Downhill Grand Prix
A report from the 2001 Xtreme Downhill Grand Prix in St. George, Utah on April 27-28, 2001 (aa010503)

05/02/01 - The New WISA Discussion Group
Régis Chatellier of the World Inline Skating Association has created a new discussion group for that organization (aa010502)

05/01/01 - New London Friday Night Skate
The first London Friday night group skate organized by Citiskate.com will be held on May 4, 2001 (aa010501)

04/30/01 - Meet Fernando Brocal Velazquez
While I was vacationing in Spain, I met one of the best skaters in Mallorca, Fernando Brocal Velazquez. Fernando is a wild aggressive skater on inline skates, and a fabulous skate-dancer on quad roller skates (aa010430)

Skating the Palma de Mallorca Trail in Spain
Photos of skating on the waterfront bike ath that runs along the beach and through the small boat harbor in the Town of Palma, on the Island of Mallorca in Spain (published at About.com on April 29, 2001).

Skating the Dikes of Holland
Swedish skater Daniel Edman tells us about skating along the dikes of Holland where he encountered smooth pavement, strong winds, and absolutely beautiful scenery (published at About.com on April 17, 2001)

04/14/01 - Dallas Improves the Katy Trail
The Katy Trail in Dallas has a dramatic view of the city skyline and Turtle Creek. Plans are underway to extend the trail to 17 miles, add a pedestrian walkway, improve access, and add beautiful landscaping (aa010414)

04/12/01 - Kent Baake New World Record Try
In April of 2001, Washington DC endurance skater Kent Baake will attempt to break the world's record for distance skated in 24 hours (aa010412)

04/11/01 - Downhill World Championships
The 2001 world championships for extreme downhill inline skating will be held in Lausanne, Switerland September 1-2, 2001 (aa010411)

04/10/01 - A Downhill Qualifier in Utah
The International Gravity Sports Association has announced a qualifying race in Utah for the 2001 downhill inline skating world championships (aa010410)

Artistic Inline Frames: PIC vs. Triax
Seven experienced inline figure skaters explain the differences between these two skate frames, and tell us which one they prefer (published at About.com on April 4, 2001)

04/03/01 - Play RollerSoccer on TV
The Roller Soccer International Federation is accepting audition tapes from experienced skaters who would like to play rollersoccer in a televised tournament with a $75,000 purse (aa010403)

04/02/01 - Skate in Mexico on April 21
Skate in Mexico with thousands of cyclists on April 21, and share expenses with this group of Los Angeles skaters (aa010402)

04/01/01 - Skating Can Increase Breast Size
It is a little-known fact that skating can increase your bustline by as much as 2 or 3 bra sizes (aa010401a)

03/23/01 - A Scale for Evaluating Skating Surfaces
Lars Lison Almqvist of Stockholm has developed a system for evaluating the suitability of a surface for inline skating. (An article - aa010323 - by Joakim Wassberg).

03/22/01 - The New FIRS Web Site
On March 15, 2001, the world governing body for roller sports unveiled their new and completely redesigned Web site. How to navigate your way around this great new Web site (aa010322)

03/20/01 - A Medieval Fun Roll in Sweden
In July of 2001 there will be a fun roll called "Kustrullet" on the Swedish Island of Gotland, on the beautiful bike path that begins in the medieval town of Visby (aa010320)

03/17/01 - Me With the President of FIRS
In March of 2001, I spent the day in Seattle Washington with Isidro Oliveras, the President of the Féderation Internationale de Roller Sports. He is an interesting and creative man who is leading FIRS in many new and exciting directions (aa010318)

03/16/01 - Dresden Friday Night Skate
Tim Weidman of San Francsico skated the Dresden Friday Night Skate in Germany in 1999, and he tells us what it was like (aa010316)

Indoor Speedskating 101
If you have never skated at an indoor speed practice, don't miss this article by Jim Fink of the Seattle Skate Patrol. He tried indoor skating for the first time this Winter, and now he is sharing his experiences (published at About.com on March 14, 2001)

03/11/01 - Photos of Croatian Skaters in the Early 1900's
The Uljanik Roller Skating Club of Croatia was founded in 1982, but roller skating has been popular in the City of Pula since the early 1900's. Take a look at these photos (aa010311)

Lars Thomsen of Denmark
The chairman of the Bornholm Roller Skating Club won seven Danish National speedskating championships in the year 2000 (published at About.com on March 9, 2001)

Dirk May Skating a Southern California Beach Trail
Photos of the leader of the Frankfurt, Germany Tuesday Night Skate skating in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, California (published at About.com on March 8, 2001). [aa010308]

03/04/01 - Robin Cousins' Rolling Thunder
Olympic skater Robin Cousins is auditioning artistic skaters, aggressive skaters, skateboarders, scooter riders, bmx riders, and gymnasts for his new touring roller show "Rolling Thunder" (aa010304)

03/02/01 - Skate Wheels Made of Rubber
A company in Yugoslavia has developed a wheel that is ideal for extreme downhill skating and skating in the rain (aa010302)

02/25/01 - The Palajolly Roller Palace
This roller skating rink in Trieste, Italy is in a beautiful location, high on a hill. It is really a complex of buildings, with an indoor rink, an outdoor rink, a chapel, a cafe, and a gymnasium (aa010225)

02/23/01 - Photos of My Skates
I have five pairs of skates, and some of them are pretty interesting. Two pairs have no brake, one has a standard friction brake, one has a hand brake, and one has a brake that is embedded in the wheels (aa010223)

02/21/01 - About.com Guides on Skates
I'm not the only guide at About.com who skates. Take a look at these photos of About.com guides wearing their skates. These are great photos! (bl-gos-artistexchange)

02/18/01 - A Proposal for a Covered Bike Path
The town of Orebro in Sweden has made a proposal to build a covered bicycle path, so residents can use their bicycles (and hopefully their skates!) for transportation, on the coldest and snowiest winter days (aa010218)

Dangerous Skating Activities
Have you ever done any of these things while you were inline skating? Find out why you could be asking for trouble (a similar article about this topic was published at About.com on February 13, 2001).

02/04/01 - My First Day on Trail Skates
I spent two days playing around on these unique off-road skates. They have 8 inch inflatable tires and a hydraulic hand brake. Lots of photos! (aa010204a)

02/03/01 - Flash - Is It Cool or Does It Suck?
Many popular skate companies are releasing new Flash based Web sites. How do you feel about this? Do you think Flash improved most of those sites? Can you still find the information you need? Please vote in our poll (aa010203)

02/01/01 - Romantic Gifts for Skaters NOT FINISHED YET
Unique gifts for the skater you love, just in time for Valentine's Day. A few ideas that are more interesting (and more romantic) than the usual candy and flowers (aa010201f)

Geoff Being Pulled by Bodie
Three photos of About.com Mountain Biking Guide Geoff Slater, wearing inline skates, and being pulled along by his dog Bodie (published at About.com on January 30, 2001)

01/28/01 - The Southern Cross Marathon
South Africa will hold their first inline skating marathon on September 16, 2001. This article includes photos of the Gerotek Vehicle Training Center, where the event will take place (aa010128a)

01/27/01 - El Dorado Inline Challenge
This new speedskating series will have four races in 2001, and they will all take place in El Dorado Park, one of Southern California's favorite outdoor speed training venues (aa010127a)

01/23/01 - Frankfurt Skating Police
The city of Frankfurt, Germany has an inline skating police unit and you can see them at that city's famous Tuesday Night Skates (aa010123)

01/18/01 - The Art of Artistic Roller Skating
In February of 2001 there will be an international artistic roller skating workshop in Trieste, Italy for skaters from all over the world (aa010118)

01/13/01 - Detroit Skaters Do It in Snow
A little snow on the ground does not discourage skaters in Detroit, Michigan. Take a look at these photos of people skating right through snow! (aa010113)

01/08/01 - USARS Speed Championships
The 2001 United States National Banked Track and Road Skating Championships will be preceded by 3 speed clinics and a 3-event banked track tour (aa010108)

Skating in the Movies - Xanadu.
Even Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, and the Electric Light Orchestra could not make this film a critical success, but over the years it has become a roller disco cult classic. (published at About.com on January 5, 2001)

01/04/01 - Willie Woo - All Terrain Boy
Ever since 10 year old Willie Woo learned to walk, he has had a helmet on his head and wheels under his feet (aa010104)

A Young Skater Was Tragically Killed
A 10 year old skater in Buena Park, California, was killed on January 2 when he was unable to stop quickly enough at the bottom of a hill (originally published at Abotu.com on January 3, 2001).

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