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2002 Skating Articles at About.com
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An unofficial index to all of the articles Kathie Fry wrote in 2002 for the inline skating Web site at Abotu.com. Kathie was the Inline Skating Guide for About.com from September of 1999 through July of 2003, and her articles remained on that Web site until August 24, 2004 when a new About.com guide was hired.

Britney Spears Roller Skate Lawsuit
On December 23, 2002, Britney Spears filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against Skechers Footwear of California (article published at About.com on December 25, 2002)

Betty Spaghetty Skating Dolls
These wild-haired inline skating dolls with skinny legs will delight any child, and any adult who collects inline skating memorabelia (published at About.com on December 15,2002)

Inline Skate Buying Guide
What kind of skates to buy, how much you should expect to spend, the truth about wheels and bearings, and more tips and advice about buying a pair of inline skates (published at About.com November 29, 2002)

Bearings Buying Guide
The skate wheels turn freely because of an anti-friction device inserted between each wheel and axel. That device is called a bearing. Here are some tips to help you select the best bearings for your skates (published at About.com November 27, 2002)

Skate Bag Buying Guide
Some features and issues you should think about before you purchase a bag for your skates and skating accessories. How do you want to carry the bag? Will you ever check it on an airplane? Do you need to keep the bag with you when you're skating? Learn about hese issues and more. (published at About.com November 26, 2002)

X Games Moved to Los Angeles in 2003
In November of 2002, ESPN announced that the summer X Games will move from Philadelphia to Los Angeles in 2003 (published at About.com November 23, 2002)

10 Most Popular Roller Sports
Roller Sports are hotter then ever and people of all ages, with all levels of athletic ability can participate. Here are some of the most popular roller sports activities (an article about this topic was published at About.com on November 21, 2002)

Top 10 Aggressive Inline Skates
Aggressive skates are tough, durable skates usually made of thick plastic. They have small wheels for maneuverability and grind plates to protect the boots when you perform aggressive stunts (An article about this topic was published at About.com on November 20, 2002)

Salomon High-End Inline Skates
The TR line is Salomon's very best line of fitness and recreational skates, and it includes two four-wheel fitness skates, one five-wheel fitness skate, and a speed boot that is sold without a frame and wheels (write new article) (An article about this topic was published at About.com on November 16, 2002)

Salomon Mid-Range Inline Skates
The X-TR (X-Trainer) is Salomon's intermediate line of recreational and fitness skates. The line includes the Pulse, the Speedster the Quattro, and the Children's Zoom, plus four skate models not sold in the United States (An article about this topic was published at About.com on November 12, 2002)

K2 Fitness Inline Skates
K2 was the first company to manufacture a soft-boot inline skate and their line of fitness and recreational skates is one of the popular skate lines on the market (An article about this topic was published at About.com on November 8, 2002)

Different Skating Styles
One reason inline skating and quad roller skating are so popular is there are many different types of skating, each with it's own special type of skate (published at About.com November 5, 2002)

Adjustable Skates for Kids
When people ask about skates for children, I always recommend one of the high-end, size-adjustable children's skates made by several well known and reputable skate manufacturers. Here are some of my favorites. (published at About.com November 1, 2002)

Skating Books for Kids
A collection of inline skating books for kids age 9 to 12, pubished between November of 1999 and October of 2002. These are the newest of all the children's inline skating books on the market(published at About.com October 28, 2002)

Binoculars Buying Guide
Tiny binoculars are a fun and useful item to bring along when you're skating, but buying them can be confusing. Here are some guidelines and tips (published at Abotu.com October 24, 2002)

24 Action Sports Books for Kids
Capstone Sports has published a series of books that will help children learn to read and get them started in a wide variety of action adventure sports (published at About.com October 21, 2002)

Skate the 2003 Disney Inline Marathon
On March 30, 2003 there will be a full marathon and fun roll for inline skaters and quad roller skaters at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida.

Danish Skater Breaks World 1 Hour Record
In September of 2002, Claus Hechmann of Slagelse Denmark broke the world's record for longest distance skated in 1 hour (published at About.com September 30, 2002)

The Beautiful New Long Beach Marathon Route
The Long Beach Marathon in Southern California is one of my favorite events, because it's always a fun-filled, all day party. This year the start line, the finish line, and most of the route has beautiful views of the Califoria Coastline. (published at About.com September 15, 2002)

09/01/02 Olympic Committee Rejects Roller Sports
The International Olympic Committee has decided not allow roller skating and 12 other sports into the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Here's Why (article: aa-olympics-rejected2008)

Walk In Your Skates
When your favorite restaurant won't let you roll in on skates, try whipping out one of these special gadgets. (published at About.com August 15, 2002)

How to Stay Cool in a Helmet,
How to keep your head cool in a helmet, and what kind of helmet you should wear for warm weather skating (published at About.com August 1, 2002)

The 2002 X Games CHECK THIS
A special report and guide to the 2002 EXPN X Games in Philadelphia. This year's sports include biking, inline skating, climbing, motocross, skateboarding, and wakeboarding (published at About.com July 29,2002)

07/15/02 The 2002 Gravity Games
A special report and guide to the 2002 Gravity Games in Cleveland Ohio. This year's sports include biking, inline skating, motocross, skateboarding, street luge, and wakeboarding (bl-gg2002)

Skating World Championships
World championship inline skating and quad roller skating events in 2002, including aggressive, artistic, downhill, roller hockey, roller skiing, abd speed skating (article published at About.com on July 1,2002)

New Cuban Roller Sports Federation
In May of 2002, while reporting on a skating event in Havana, I had the pleasure of spending a great deal of time with the members of the Cuban Roller Sports Federation. Here are photos and some of the Federation's plans for 2002 and 2003 (article: aa-cu-federation was published at About.com on June 3, 2002)

Introduction to Skating in Pakistan
Roller skating as a national competitive program was introduced in Pakistan nearly 20 years ago by Khalid Saeed, who is now the General Secretary of the Roller Sports Federation of Pakistan (article: aa-pk-intro was published at About.com on May 20, 2002)

Classified Ads for Skaters
(About.com did not offer this service very long)

Vilnius Thursday Night Fever
The first Vilnius Thursday Night skate took place in Lithuania on May 2. The skaters in Vilnius hope you will join them the next time you visit Eastern Europe (aa-vilnisu-tns was published on May 3, 2002)

EXPN Action Sports and Music Awards
Photos of Carmen Electra, Tony Hawk, Jim Rippey, Taryn Manning, Mat Hoffman, the Red Hot Chile Peppers, the Osbournes, Xzibit, and many more athletes and performers at this Southern California awards show (aa-expn-awards2002 was published on April 20, 2002)

2002 Giro Helmets
A buyer's guide and preview of nine unisex helmets in Giro's 2002 line for skaters and cyclists (aa-giro-helmets2002 was published on April 17, 2002)

2002 Salomon TR Vitesse2
A buyer's guide and preview of the most advanced 5-wheel fitness skate in the 2002 Salomon TR line of inline skates (article published at About.com on April 14, 2002)

04/13/02 2002 Salomon TR Mg Elite2
A buyer's guide and preview of the most advanced 4-wheel fitness skate in the 2002 Salomon TR line of inline skates (write new article) (article published at About.com on April 13, 2002)

04/12/02 2002 Salomon TR Magnesium2
A buyer's guide and preview of the entry-level skate in the 2002 Salomon TR line of fitness skates (article published at About.com on April 12, 2002)

04/10/02 2002 Salomon TR Skates
An introduction to Salomon's high-end line of fitness and recreational skates including the Magnesium, the Mg Elite, the Vitesse, and the Carbon (article: aa-salomon-tr) (article published at About.com on April 10, 2002)

04/08/02 2002 Salomon X-TR Skates
An introduction to the Salomon intermediate line of recreational and fitness skates, including the Quattro, the Speedster, the Pulse, the Zoom and several other models (article: aa-salomon-tr) (article published at About.com on April 8, 2002)

Skate With Me in Cuba - May 2002
Are you ready for some warm-weather skating after a long cold Winter? Come to Havana at the end of this month for the Cuba Cup and Havana Inline Marathon (article: aa-cuba2002may was published on April 7, 2002)

Skate With Me in Russia - June 2002
Find out how you can skate with me this Summer in St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Peterhof, Sosnovy Bor, Novgorod, and Moscow. And here's a little surprise: You might want to take a few TANGO lessons before this trip. (aa-russia2002 was published on April 3, 2002)

Nairobi Inline Speed Tour
Treat your family to a fabulous holiday in Africa this summer and skate through the streets of Nairobi in this unofficial FIRS-sanctioned speed skating event (aa-nairobi-race2002 was published on March 29, 2002)

Tuca Reichert of Brazil
One of the most popular and well-known skaters in Brazil is Cecilia Maria Simplício, known on the Internet as "Tuca Reichert" (article: aa-tuca-reichert was published on March 26, 2002)

Five New Skating Books for Kids
Five new inline skating books for children age 9 and up. You might not find all of them in bookstores, but you should be able to order them online. (article: aatp-books-kids-2002mar was published on March 19, 2002)

Skate Off 20 Pounds in 3 Months
How to skate 20 pounds in 3 months without altering your eating habits. A weightloss plan that really works. (published at About.com March 12, 2002)

Inline Skates
This chart will give you a general idea of what kind of skates you will find at bottom, the middle, and the top of the price range (NOTE: the chart no longer exists because it was a search based on MySimon pages)

X-Rays of a Broken Wrist
If these photos don't convince you to wear your wrist guards, then nothing will. WARNING: PHOTOS ARE VERY GRAPHIC. (aa-broken-wrist-ja.htm was published on February 26, 2002) (aa-broken-wrist-ja)

An Olympic Figure Skating Scandal
When the Russian pairs skaters were given a the gold medal over the Canadians at the Winter Olympics, an uproar was heard around the world. (aa020212 was published on February 19, 2002)

Skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics
A special report on the skating events at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Check this site frequently to learn about the latest news in Olympic figure skating, ice hockey, and speed skating. (bl-olympics2002skating was published on February 12, 2002)

02/09/02 Special Report: Winter X Games
Articles, news, schedules, TV broadcast dates, and links to the unofficial EXPN Web site (bl-xgames2002winter was published on February 9, 2002)

Britney Spears Roller Skates
Her endorsement of quad roller skates made by Skechers could be the best thing to happen to our sport since Roller Derby (published at About.com on February 5, 2002)

I am Not a Rollerblader
You can call me an inline skater, a roller skater, a blader or even a fruit booter, but please don't ever call me a Rollerblader. Here's why. (aa-rollerblade-tradename.htm published at About.com on January 29, 2002)

Photos of Dave Parcell's Face Injury
Photos of an injured skater's bleeding face after a bad fall. WARNING: PHOTOS ARE VERY GRAPHIC. I published these photos to remind skaters of why they wear a helmet and body padding. (aa-daves-0112fall published at About.com on Janaury 26, 2002)

Where to Buy Roller Skating Movies
A collection of roller skating movies from the early 1900's to current releases, and where you can buy them (published at About.com on January 22, 2002)

A Beginning Speedskater's Diary
How 47 year old John Aurentz quit smoking, skated for the first time, embarked on a rigorous training program, and participated in his first inline skating marathon, all in less than six months (aa-skatersdiary2001a published on January 18, 2002)

Nike's New Air Max Skates
During the first quarter of 2002 Nike will introduce a new line of 4-wheel fitness skates called the AIR MAX N-DORFIN. The skates utilize the patented "Air Max" heel cushioning technology that was developed for Nike's high end athletic shoes. (aa2002-skates-nike-air-max published on January 15, 2002)

Trying Clap Skates in California
Here is speedskater Lawrence Quimby's opinion of clap frames after skating on them for the first time (aa-quimby-claps published on January 8, 2002)

Casey Does It for Doritos
Remember the article I published a few weeks ago, about Casey Pieretti, the skater with a prosthetic leg who does aggressive trick skating? Look what Casey is up to now (We know Casey is bold... but is he... DARING???) (aa-casey-doritos published on January 1, 2002)

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