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2003 Skating Articles at About.com
1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003

An unofficial index to all of the articles Kathie Fry wrote in 2003 for the inline skating Web site at About.com. Kathie was the Inline Skating Guide for About.com from September of 1999 through July of 2003, and her articles remained on that Web site until August 24, 2004 when a new About.com guide was hired.

All About Inline Skating Marathons
A complete guide to inline marathons around the world including a directory of events, articles about skating marathons, marathon training programs available, and Web sites devoted to inline skating marathons (I published an earlier version of this information on About.com July 22, 2003 (published at About.com on July 22, 2003)

2003 FIRS Inline Hockey Worlds (Results)
Top winners at the FIRS Inline Hockey World Championships held June 18 to July 6 in Pisak, Czech Republic (article published at About.com July 19,2003)

2003 Los Angeles X Games
Tickets for the 2003 Summer Summer X Games became available this week. Here's how you can purchase them online (original article was pubished at About.com July 16, 2004)

Hardball Hockey World Championships
The 36th Annual Hardball Hockey World Championships will take place September 27 through October 4, 2003 at "Uniao Desportiva Oliveirense" Stadium in Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal. (article published at About.com July 2, 2003)

Inline Hockey vs. Hardball Hockey
These two sports are related, but one is played on inline skates using a puck, and the other is played on quad roller skates using a ball (published at About.com June 18, 2003)

Skating Long Leaf Trace in Mississippi
One of the best places to skate in the Southeastern part of United States is Long Leaf Trace, a 41 mile trail for non-motorized traffic that was built in the bed of an old Mississippi railroad line (published at About.com on June 13, 2003)

Top 100 Aggressive Pro Skaters
Photos and bios of the top 100 aggressive pro skaters in the world, with the X Games gold medal winners highlighted (published at About.com on June 9, 2003)

Skate Camp on Hilton Head Island
In May of 2003, 16 people joined two instructors at the Zephyr Learn-to-Skate Camp on beautiful Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, and the campers ranged in age from 33 to 73 (published at About.com June 3, 2003)

Speed Worlds in China Cancelled
Four skating federations, in different parts of the world, have submitted formal bids to replace China as the host of the 2003 World Inline Speed Skating Championships (an article about this topic was published at About.com on May 30, 2003)

Long Distance Events in Scandinavia
A new 130 km inline skating event will take place in Sweden on August 24, 2003 and it will start in the city of Västerås and finish in the Stockholm stadium that was built for the 1912 Olympic Games. Skaters who wish to only skate 90 km can start in the city of Enköping (an article about this topic was published at About.com on May 21, 2003)

Los Angeles X Games Facts
ESPN has shared a bit more information about the 2003 X Games to be held August 14-18 in Los Angeles, including where the events will be held, which sports and disciplines will be included, and which events will have special women's categories (published at About.com May 14, 2003)

X Games Global Championships

This guide to the X Games Global Championships in Texas and British Colombia includes information about countries, athletes, and teams plus general information about schedules and where to find results (published at About.com on May 10, 2003)

Donate Your Old Skates to Kenya
The Speed Committee of the Kenya Skating Federation is looking for donations of second-hand recreational, fitness, and speed inline skates that can be used to develop the skating abilities of some of the strongest young athletes in their country (an article about this topic was published at About.com on May 7, 2003)

How to Buy a Razor Scooter
How to identify a fake Razor scooter and how to decide which of the six models to buy (article published for the 2nd time at About.com on May 3, 2003)

SARS and World Skating Events
In 2003 several world and national skating events in Asia and Canada were cancelled or postponed because of the SARS epidemic (an article about this topic was published at About.com on April 29, 2003)

Inline Downhill Cup 2003 Locations
Sebastien Laffargue, president of the International Inline Downhill Association (IIDA) has announced the events in the 2003 IIDA Inline Downhill World Cup series. Specific dates for the events in the series will be announced soon, but here are the locations currently on the schedule: Austria (Hot Heels Kaunerthal), Bettola, Italy, Germany (Borgholzhausen Grand Prix), Cassis, France (Azur Downhill), Lyon France (Lugdunum Contest), and the Bainbridge Ohio in the United States (Ohio Downhill Grand Prix). For more information see "2003 Downhill World Cup" under ELSEWHERE ON THE WEB above. the International Inline Downhill Association (IIDA). (article published at About.com on April 22, 2003)

Roller Skating at the Special Olympics
The 2003 Special Olympics will be held June 20-29 in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and in 2003 the event will include a roller skating competition. An article about the 2003 Special Olympics in Ireland and Northern Ireland was published on April 8, 2003. The roller skating events were held in Northern Ireland and most of the other events took place in the Republic of Ireland (article published at About.com April 8, 2003) NOTE: WHAT ABOUT THE PHOTOS?

APR 02 - Roller Skater Hall of Fame
In February of 2003 the U.S. Roller Sports Federation inducted six skaters into their Roller Sports Hall of Fame and gave "Skater of the Year" awards to an additional six skaters (to be published: aa-usars-awards200)

Skechers Sues Britney Spears
Britney Spears' deal with Skechers to endorse a line of quad roller skates has gone sour. She and Skechers have filed counter lawsuits against each other (published at About.com March 19, 2003)

Benetton Sold Rollerblade to Tecnica
On March 5, Benetton announced they have signed a preliminary agreement to sell Rollerblade to the Tecnica Group (published at About.com March 12, 2003)

How to Skate on Wooden Planks
Skating on a surface made of wooden planks can be a bit tricky, but here are three techniques that make it safe and easy to skate on a boardwalk or a wooden bridge (published at About.com on March 3, 2003)

The New 2003 Helmets
The Bicycle Helmet Safety Insitute has released their annual helmet report for 2003. Learn about the newest helmet models, features, and manufacturers (published at about.com February 19, 2003)

Chat Live With a World Champion
Chat Saturday, February 15 with the amazing world inline speed skating champion Cecilia "Chechi" Baena of Colombia (An announcement was published at About.com on February 12, 2003)

Free Skating Lessons in North America
In the Spring of 2003, certified inline skating instructors all over North America will offer free introductory skating lessons (published at About.com on January 29, 2003)

My letter to Anni Friesinger
On January 5, 2003, beautiful Anni Friesinger of Germany was crowned Ice Speed Skating Champion of Europe. Here is a letter I sent to congratulate Anni and wish her a happy 26th birthday (published at About.com on January 13, 2003)

Women of the Winter X Games
88 women will be competing at the 2003 Winter X Games and here are some of the most shining stars (published at About.com January 5, 2003)

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