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Skating Articles by Date

2003 Skating Articles and News

December 2003
Dec 14: The 9 Official USA Roller Sports Regions
Dec 12: Photo Gallery of Dutch Ice Speed Skaters
Dec 11: Presidents Day Artistic Invitational
Dec 09: Nor-Cal Speed League #5 in Sacramento
Dec 07: Florida Skating Academy Holiday Show
Dec 06: New Photos of Rollergirl Lisa Suggitt

November 2003
Nov 24 Strub Inline Skating T-Shirts
Nov 22 Remote Control Skating Dolls
Nov 17 A Dutch Skater in Saudi Arabia
Nov 15 Photos of the Venezuela Speed Worlds

October 2003
Oct 28 Stockholm Tunnel Inline Marathon
Oct 23 Free Trips to India for Skating Coaches
Oct 22 Downfall of a Downhill Champion
Oct 21 New X Games Movies on DVD
Oct 20 The Girl on Flying Wheels (Khushboo Saini)
Oct 18 2003 Long Beach Marathon Photos
Oct 10 El Patinador Solitario of Havana
Oct 05 New Dates for the 2004 Winter X Games
Oct 04 Meet Me at the 2003 Long Beach Marathon
Oct 03 U.S. Federation Hires a New Director
Oct 02 Sheila Herrero of Spain Retires
Oct 01 News About 2-Time World Champ Jaren Grob

September 2003
Sep 22 German Skates 280 KM per Hour
Sep 21 How to Be a Derby Doll
Sep 19 Marathon in Tunisia - October 18
Sep 18 Marathon in Nairobi - November 23
Sep 16 Artistic Competition in Iran - Nov 28
Sep 15 Kip Carpenter Photo Gallery
Sep 13 Speed Skating World Championships 2003
Sep 09 Artistic Skating World Championships 2003
Sep 05 Aggressive World Championships 2003
Sep 01 Lieve Lissens Broken Arm Interview

August 2003
Aug 30 Tony Hawk Photo and Fan Site
Aug 28 Jim Larson of Team Hyper
Aug 27 Birthdays of the Top Pro Skaters
Aug 24 Future Champions in Faridabad
Aug 20 Angela Araujo of Brazil
Aug 20 Bruno Lowe of Germany
Aug 20 Caio Germano of Brazil
Aug 20 Chris Fleener Fan Site
Aug 20 Jenny Logue of Great Britain
Aug 20 Katie Ketchum Fan Site
Aug 20 Richie Velasquez Fan Site
Aug 19: 2003 X Games Results and Reports
Aug 14: 2003 European Speed Championships
Aug 07: A 200K Multi-Sport Event in Idaho
Aug 05: Skating Cartoons from the New Yorker
Aug 03: How to Replace Me at About.com

July 2003
Jul 31: Why I Resigned from About.com
Jul 26: Ice to Inline Skate Conversion Kits
Jul 21: Lithuanian City Bans All Skating
Jul 15: My New Skating License Plate
Jul 07: Results of FIRS Inline Hockey Worlds

June 2003
Jun 30: Director of U.S. Federation Resigns
Jun 28: Disney Marathon 2004 Date Announced
Jun 27: Nathalie Skating in Zurich Train Station
Jun 26: Skating to the Gulf Coast of Florida
Jun 25: New Fan Site for Brittany Bowe
Jun 24: New Fan Site for Franck Cardin
Jun 22: Naked Skating Photo Gallery
Jun 18: History of Speed Worlds Since 1937
Jun 14: USA Selects 2003 World Speed Team
Jun 09: 200K Skate in Lithuania on June 15
Jun 08: Why Tony Skates With a Flag
Jun 04: India Speed Nationals (Report)
Jun 02: Skate Camp on Hilton Head Island
Jun 01: My Photos of the Top Aggressive Skaters

May 2003
May 30: Speed Worlds in China Cancelled
May 26: Tehran Speed Championships (Report)
May 18: Skate With a Tiny Digital Camera
May 11: Chad and KC at a California Practice
May 10: Skates Needed for Young Kenya Athletes
May 08: A Night Skate in Kaunas Lithuania

April 2003
Apr 06: Barcelona Skating Days - August 2003
Apr 05: Nairobi Inline Race - June 2003
Apr 04: Cees Juffermans Photo Gallery
Apr 03: An Interview With Britta Vantournhout
Apr 01: Diego Rosero of Colombia - Fan Site

March 2003
Mar 28: Berlin Race Almost Full - 12000 Skaters
Mar 24: Russian Skates 1800K Across Germany
Mar 23: Profile of Indian Champion Subodh Patil
Mar 20: Swedish Ice Skater Helicopter Rescue
Mar 18: Melbourne Australia Social Skate
Mar 17: Juan Carlos Betancur Photo Gallery
Mar 09: Benetton Sold Rollerblade to Tecnica
Mar 08: New Dutch Racing Series for Women
Mar 06: Disney Marathon Last Minute Details

February 2003
Feb 28: Night Skate Added to Disney Marathon
Feb 27: New IISA Inline Marathon Training Course
Feb 26: Skating With Balls in London
Feb 21: Skating News on the Internet
Feb 16: Mallory Pracale Fan Site
Feb 15: Skating Calendars on the Internet
Feb 14: Cecilia Baena Fan Site
Feb 13: Marianne Timmer Fan Site
Feb 12: Chat Live With Cecilia Baena (Feb 15)
Feb 11: Kid's Event Added to Disney Marathon
Feb 10: Inline Skating Marathons in 17 Countries
Feb 09: SkateLog Newsletter #2003-02
Feb 09: Skating on Jeju Island in Korea
Feb 08: Pan American Cup for Speed Clubs
Feb 07: Asian X Games Results and Reports
Feb 07: Jennifer Rodriguez Lost Her Skates
Feb 06: KC Boutiette Fan Site
Feb 06: Bob de Jong Fan Site
Feb 06: Rintje Ritsma Fan Site
Feb 05: USOC President Resigns Under Pressure
Feb 04: Benetton is Trying to Sell Rollerblade
Feb 03: Photos of 5 Skaters in Tehran
Feb 02: New Theresa Cliff Fan Site

January 2003
JAN 31: Photos of Reconditioning a Skating Floor
JAN 30: Glass Sculpture of a Skating Squirrel
JAN 29: Free Skating Lessons in North America
JAN 27: Dennis Kalker Fan Site
JAN 25: African Speed Championships in Nairobi
JAN 20: Winter X Games Competition Schedule
JAN 19: Yuri Solinger Photo by Ewoud Broeksma
JAN 18: Skating Coloring Pages for Kids
JAN 18: Video Clip of Brazilian Roller Dancers
JAN 15: Jan Bos Photo by Ewoud Broeksma
JAN 11: My Photo of Ice Speed Star Anni Friesinger
JAN 01: Britney Spears Files Roller Skate Lawsuit

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