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Most Recent Skating Articles

Skating Articles and News

January 2005 --> 2005 Skating Articles

December 2004
Dec 29: Inline Skating on the Island of Mauritius
Dec 28: Precision Teams at the 2004 Artistic Worlds (Photos)
Dec 27: 2005 Rollerdome Indoor Inline Marathon: April 17
Dec 21: US Senior Long Track Ice Speed Nationals - Day 3
Dec 21: Tradequip Precision Team of Argentina (Photo Gallery)
Dec 19: US Senior Long Track Ice Speed Nationals - Day 2
Dec 19: US Junior Short Track Ice Speed Nationals - Day 2
Dec 19: Rollerblade® and Zephyr Skate Tours Join Forces
Dec 18: US Senior Long Track Ice Speed Nationals - Day 1
Dec 18: US Junior Short Track Ice Speed Nationals - Day 1
Dec 16: Sonia Traversa of Italy (Photo Gallery)
Dec 15: Bruna Santos of Brazil (Photo Gallery)
Dec 15: Women of the Winter X Games
Dec 14: Quick Facts About the 2005 Winter X Games Venue
Dec 13: Luca D'Alisera's Gold Medal Winning Performance (Photos)
Dec 13: 2004 Artistic World Championships - Senior Men
Dec 13: 2004 Artistic World Championships - Senior Women
Dec 10: New Kim Ames Photo Gallery
Dec 10: Happy Birthday to Anthony Avella of France
Dec 09: Polish Man Skates 3000 Miles to Microsoft
Dec 08: Dance Pairs at the World Championships (Photos)
Dec 06: Inline Women at the Artistic Worlds (Photos)
Dec 06: Happy Birthday to Blake Dennis of Australia
Dec 05: Inline Men at the Artistic Worlds (Photos)
Dec 04: Winter X Games Pro Athletes Playing Poker
Dec 01: 2005 Winter X Games: January 27 - February 1

November 2004
Nov 27: How to Order Photos of the Artistic Worlds
Nov 27: Artistic World Champion Tanja Romano
Nov 25: FIRS Rejects Catalonia - FIRS President Resigns
Nov 24: Dominican Republic Artistic World Team
Nov 24: Will the FIRS President Resign This Week?
Nov 24: Colombia Artistic World Team
Nov 24: Happy Birthday to Fabien Rabeau of France
Nov 23: What I Am Reading Right Now - Rolaboi!
Nov 23: Argentina Skaters at the Artistic Worlds
Nov 23: Happy Birthday to Nel Martin of Spain
Nov 23: Romantic Gift Ideas for Skaters
Nov 22: Three Sexy Nurses at the World Championships
Nov 22: Catalonian "Freedom" Wins Gold Medal for Spain
Nov 22: James Pollard Welcoming Skaters to Artistic Worlds
Nov 20: Meet Kellie Habeeb of USA Roller Sports
Nov 20: A2A Champion Kim Perkins Taking a Bath
Nov 18: Happy Birthday to Dan Burger
Nov 18: Organized Skate Tours in 2005
Nov 18: Happy Birthday to Johnny Diethelm
Nov 17: 40 Miles of River Trails in Oklahoma
Nov 16: Happy Birthday to Gary Ryan of Australia
Nov 15: Countries at the 2004 Artistic World Championships
Nov 14: Finish Line Photos from the Long Beach Marathon
Nov 14: Happy Birthday to Dennis Kalker
Nov 13: Happy Birthday to Bob de Jong
Nov 13: Happy Birthday to Randy DeLand
Nov 13: FIRS Catalonia Controversy is Heating Up
Nov 12: Introducing the Bont 2005 Speed Team
Nov 11: New Borja Fernandez Photo Gallery
Nov 11: Meet the 2004 Australian Artistic World Team
Nov 11: Tahiti Inline Marathon (Report)
Nov 10: Speed Skating for Beginners
Nov 10: Long Beach Marathon Action Photos
Nov 04: The Dutch Diamonds of Team Rolling '90
Nov 02: Meet Dirk May, Leader of the Frankfurt Night Skate
Nov 01: Skating the Palma de Mallorca Trail in Spain
Nov 01: Happy Birthday to Erben Wennemars

October 2004
Oct 31: Halloween Skates Around the World
Oct 30: Xanadu - A Roller Skating Cult Movie Classic
Oct 29: Introduction to Skating in Pakistan
Oct 28: Will Catalonia Kill Olympic Roller Sports?
Oct 27: New Blake Dennis Photo Gallery
Oct 27: Roces Blake Dennis Graal Inline Skate
Oct 25: Happy Birthday to A2A Champion Kim Perkins
Oct 25: Happy Birthday to Martina Svobodova
Oct 24: A2A 87 Mile Road Skate (Results and Reports)
Oct 24: HC Anderson Marathon in Denmark (Report)
Oct 22: Daniel's Wild Week in Mallorca
Oct 20: The Roller Cops of Puerto Rico
Oct 19: Calendar of Skating Events in 2005
Oct 18: Bio of Wouter Hebbrecht of Belgium
Oct 17: Bio of Kelly Martinez of Colombia
Oct 16: Bio of Steve Robillard of Canada
Oct 15: 11 Year Old Speed Skater Alexandra Harris
Oct 14: Bio of Alicia Taggart of Team Bont
Oct 13: Jonathan Seutter's New Carbon Fiber Frame
Oct 07: How to Make a Skating T-Shirt Memory Quilt
Oct 07: Venice Beach Skaters Roller Dancing in a Line
Oct 07: A Humorous Look at Stopping Techniques
Oct 06: Happy Birthday to Garikoitz Lerga Nikolay
Oct 04: Halloween Skating Brazilian Style in Rio de Janeiro
Oct 04: Happy Birthday to Kornbread Katie Brown
Oct 03: Vertical Roller Skater Brian Wainwright
Oct 03: Olympic Roller Skating - Will It Ever Happen?
Oct 02: Free Skating e-Cards on the Web

September 2004
Sep 30: Rollerjoring: Dog Powered Inline Skating
Sep 30: Geoff Being Pulled by His Dog Bodie
Sep 30: The Girls of Team Roller Dog (weird but cute)
Sep 30: Inline Figure Skater Jo Ann Schneider Farris
Sep 26: Northshore Marathon - Finish Line Photos
Sep 25: Meet World Inline Cup Organizer Coni Altherr
Sep 24: Terry Holm Designed the Ultimate Skate Bag
Sep 23: Did Roller Skating Miss the Olympic Bus?
Sep 23: Happy Birthday to Wayne Begg of New Zealand
Sep 23: Happy Birthday to Arnaud Gicquel of France
Sep 22: London Inline Marathon (Report and Results)
Sep 21: Happy Birthday to Massimiliano Presti
Sep 13: Happy Birthday to Nicolas Iten
Sep 11: Happy Birthday to Jono Gorman
Sep 10: Happy Birthday to Glenn Koshi
Sep 10: Happy Birthday to Jeerasak Tassorn
Sep 08: Happy Birthday to Carl Hills
Sep 08: Heather Lacayo Long Beach Marathon Training Clinic
Sep 07: Me Trail Skating With Marisa and Isidro Oliveras
Sep 07: Master Skater Lars Thomsen of Denmark
Sep 06: Reports and Photos from the Speed Worlds
Sep 06: Theresa Cliff Skating for the ZRC in Italy
Sep 06: History of the Zwaantjes Roller Club
Sep 06: Daniel Skating the Dikes of Holland
Sep 05: I Am Not a Rollerblader
Sep 05: A Tale of Skating and Sailing in Holland
Sep 04: Happy Birthday to Matt Salerno
Sep 04: Me Skating the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge
Sep 04: Skating the Duluth Lakewalk Path (Photos)
Sep 04: Northshore Marathon Director Chuck Carlberg
Sep 02: Meet Jenna Downing of Great Britain
Sep 01: Jonathan Seutter on the cover of a Korean Magazine
Sep 01: New Fallon Heffernan Photo Gallery

August 2004
Aug 31: Happy Birthday to Jorge Botero
Aug 31: Katie Excell at the Sacramento ASA Pro Tour
Aug 31: Report from the Brazilian Speed Championships
Aug 31: Brazilian Skaters at the New York Marathon
Aug 29: Meet Aggressive Pro Skater Randy DeLand
Aug 28: How to Skate on Wooden Planks
Aug 28: Skating Socks - 3 Rules to Remember
Aug 27: Fred and Ginger on Roller Skates
Aug 26: Does Your Skating Stink or Is It Your Feet?
Aug 26: Happy Birthday to Peter Doucet of Canada
Aug 26: How to Overcome Fear of Skating
Aug 26: Buying Your First Inline Skates
Aug 26: Skating Safety and Etiquette
Aug 26: Practice Tips for Beginners
Aug 26: How to Fall on Inline Skates
Aug 26: How to Prevent Downhill Toenail Pain
Aug 26: My First Eddy Matzger Workshop (in 1999)
Aug 26: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on Skates
Aug 26: See the World on Inline Skates
Aug 26: How to Skate on a Crowded Path
Aug 26: Happy Birthday to Speed Skater Mandi Howard
Aug 25: How to Skate Off 20 Pounds
Aug 25: How to Stay Cool in a Helmet
Aug 25: The Grass Stop (Using the Grass to Save Your...)
Aug 24: Happy Birthday to Ian Brown of Australia
Aug 24: How to Draft Another Skater
Aug 24: How to Clean a Hydration Pack
Aug 23: Happy Birthday to Jaren Grob
Aug 20: Happy Birthday to Jay Etheredge
Aug 18: Olympic Champion Anni Friesinger's New Book
Aug 19: Happy Birthday to Dutch Skater Yuri Solinger
Aug 15: Olympic Games Quick Reference Guide
Aug 15: Bern Swiss Inline Cup (Results)
Aug 14: Happy Birthday Scott Arlidge of New Zealand
Aug 14: Three Tools for Removing Skate Bearings
Aug 12: Happy Birthday to Fabio Francolini of Italy
Aug 11: Teams Going to the Speed Worlds in Italy
Aug 10: Aggressive Inline Skating Icon Chris Edwards
Aug 09: Alex Broskow, Aggressive Pro Inline Skater
Aug 09: Franky Morales, Aggressive Pro Inline Skater
Aug 08: Happy Birthday to Mike Budnik
Aug 08: Los Angeles X Games Special Report
Aug 07: 2004 X Games Inline Vert Results
Aug 01: Introducing a Skating Club in Western Tehran
Aug 01: Young Iranian Skaters at the Ameneh Club

July 2004
Jul 31: Happy Birthday to Skateboarder Andy MacDonald
Jul 30: Girls Learn to Ride Day at the X Games
Jul 30: Happy Birthday to Downhill Rider George Merkert
Jul 30: Meet Pro Skateboard Rider Vanessa Torres
Jul 29: Happy Birthday to Eito Yasutoko of Japan
Jul 28: Happy Birthday to Federica Ciavattini of Italy
Jul 27: Happy Birthday to Ayumi Kawasaki of Japan
Jul 27: Happy Birthday to Taig Khris of France
Jul 26: New Mystery Book About the Big Apple Roll
Jul 26: Happy Birthday Matteo Amabili of Italy
Jul 25: My New Non-Skating Web Site: GmailUsers.com
Jul 25: Happy Birthday Guido Ferraiulo of Argentina
Jul 21: Aggressive Pro Skate Girl Merce Borrull of Spain
Jul 21: Happy Birthday to Gregory Duggento of Italy
Jul 21: Happy Birthday to Robin Williams
Jul 19: Kornbread Katie Wants to Skate the Olympics
Jul 18: Dallas and Ryan are ESPY Athletes of the Year
Jul 18: Meet the Dutch Skaters of Team Steenbergen
Jul 18: Happy Birthday to Bruno Lwe of Germany
Jul 17: Marco de Santi and Cesar Andrade of Brazil
Jul 17: Happy Birthday to Nicky Adams of Canada
Jul 17: Zugarzee Swiss Inline Marathon (Results)
Jul 17: Happy Birthday to Dutch Skater Ingmar Berga
Jul 16: Fresh Mex is Not Always Healthy Mexican Food
Jul 16: Aggressive Pro Skater Kelly Matthews
Jul 16: All X Games Inline Medal Winners Since 1995
Jul 15: Ice Speed Skater Sebastian Falk of Sweden
Jul 13: Dutch Inline Speed Champion Arjan Smit
Jul 13: Aggressive Pro Anneke Winter of Germany
Jul 12: Happy Birthday Maria Teresa Cedeno of Cuba
Jul 12: Girls Riding Segway Scooters in Venice Beach
Jul 12: Aggressive Pro Skater Martina Svobodova
Jul 12: Aggressive Pro Skater Kelly Matthews
Jul 12: Aggressive Pro Skater Katie Brown
Jul 12: Ice Speed Skater Sebastian Falk of Sweden
Jul 12: Dutch Speed Skating Champion Arjan Smit
Jul 11: 12 Photos of Jaren Grob in Venice Beach
Jul 11: Roces World Speed Team (Bios and Photos)
Jul 11: History of Inline Skating at the X Games
Jul 11: Skaters Selected for the 2004 Speed Worlds
Jul 10: Happy Birthday to Pascal Briand of France
Jul 10: A Dutch Inline Skater's Adventure in Dubai
Jul 10: New Inline Figure Skating Instructional DVD
Jul 10: New Downhill Inline Skating VHS Video
Jul 10: Chinese Taipei at the 2002 Speed Worlds
Jul 08: Happy Birthday to Steve Carter
Jul 08: Canada Announced 2004 World Speed Team
Jul 07: Happy Birthday to Arlo Eisenberg
Jul 07: Happy Birthday to Michelle Kwan
Jul 06: Happy Birthday to Shane Yost
Jul 04: Meet Kathie Fry's Sister Beverly
Jul 02: Trang Puts a Bad Experience Behind Her
Jul 01: Happy Birthday to Ryan Dawes
Jul 01: Legendary "Ho Ho Joe" Doing His Signature Move

June 2004
Jun 30: List of Athletes Invited to the 2004 X Games
Jun 30: A Tribute to Speed Coach Mike Jacson
Jun 30: Roces New York Skate Has a Removeable Boot
Jun 30: Tawni Trying on Her First Skates (Photos)
Jun 30: Pro Athletes Star in New X Games TV Ads
Jun 28: Happy Birthday to Aaron Feinberg
Jun 28: Top 10 Moments in X Games History
Jun 26: Engadin Swiss Inline Marathon (Results)
Jun 26: Adriaan Johannes Haasbroek of South Africa
Jun 26: Meet Derby Dolls Coach Brian Gallagher
Jun 24: Happy Birthday Takeshi Yasutoko of Japan
Jun 24: Happy Birthday Angela Araujo of Brazil
Jun 23: Skater's Close Encounter With a Sheep
Jun 23: A Russian Father Skating With His Son
Jun 23: Roller Skating News From Nigeria
Jun 20: Zurich Swiss Inline Marathon (Results)
Jun 20: A Tribute to Skating Fathers Around the World
Jun 19: Happy Birthday to Theresa Cliff Ryan
Jun 19: Happy Birthday to Sven Boekhorst
Jun 19: Tiny Lourdes Geroy of Cienfuegos Cuba
Jun 18: Photos of the Top Swiss Speed Skaters
Jun 17: Happy Birthday to Caroline Lagree of France
Jun 17: X Games Tickets Went on Sale Today
Jun 17: Skating Event on the Island of Borneo
Jun 16: 11 Photos of Top Pro Skater Marc Englehart
Jun 15: Happy Birthday to Sven Depoorter of Belgium
Jun 15: How to Buy a Skate Bag
Jun 15: History of the Segway Scooter (Book)
Jun 15: Japanese Women at the 2002 Speed Worlds
Jun 14: It Takes an Einstein to Win a Skateboarding Contest
Jun 14: Meet Alex Hudspeth of Southern California
Jun 14: Results From the Dijon Roller Marathon
Jun 13: Carl Hills Showing Off Something New
Jun 13: Brenna Jenkins at the Venice Beach Core Tour
Jun 12: Sempachersee Swiss Inline Marathon (Results)
Jun 12: Dave Jones Turned Pro at the Core Tour
Jun 12: Thumper Is Going to the X Games
Jun 11: Speed Skating World Records
Jun 11: Schedule for the Speed Worlds in Italy
Jun 11: Skater Died After Being Dragged Under a Car
Jun 10: My First Day in 5 Wheel Speed Skates
Jun 10: Maria of Guatemala at the 2003 Speed Worlds
Jun 10: How to Fall Off a Skateboard
Jun 09: ISU Approves Speed and Figure Skating Changes
Jun 09: Salomon and Saab Host Multi-Sport Adventure
Jun 09: Happy Birthday Dimitri Deboel
Jun 09: Skate Camps for Kids and Teens
Jun 09: Videos of 2003 Artistic World Championships
Jun 08: Britta Selects Her Favorite Bachelor
Jun 08: Fabiola da Silva With Her Sister and Mom
Jun 08: Speed Skating in the Netherlands
Jun 07: California Downhill Racing Series
Jun 07: Korean FEZ Marathon (Results + Photos)
Jun 07: Skating for Absolute Beginners
Jun 07: California Downhill Racing Series
Jun 06: Pascal Briand of France (Fan Site)
Jun 06: Sara Sayasane at the 2003 Speed Worlds
Jun 06: Kimi Butler at the 2003 Speed Worlds
Jun 05: Two of Mexico's Top Inline Speed Skaters
Jun 05: Skating for Absolute Beginners
Jun 05: Videos About All Types of Skating
Jun 04: About.com Is Hiring Skating Writers
Jun 04: Derek Parra Autobiography Wins Book Award
Jun 03: Happy Birthday to Pier Davide Romani
Jun 02: History of FIRS Inline Hockey
Jun 02: USA Selects World Speed Team
Jun 01: Happy Birthday to Sara Bont
Jun 01: Happy Birthday to Chris Fleener
Jun 01: U.S. Inline Speed Skating Nationals - Day 6

May 2004
May 31: U.S. Inline Speed Skating Nationals - Day 5
May 30: Nice en Roller Marathon (Results + Photos)
May 29: Biel Swiss Inline Marathon (Results)
May 29: U.S. Inline Speed Skating Nationals - Day 4
May 29: Mobile Skatepark Cincinnati - Day 2 Results
May 28: ESPN Confirms X Games Sports and Venues
May 28: Skating With a Baby in a Stroller
May 28: Mobile Skatepark Cincinnati - Day 1 Results
May 28: U.S. Inline Speed Skating Nationals - Day 3
May 27: U.S. Inline Speed Skating Nationals - Day 2
May 26: U.S. Inline Speed Skating Nationals - Day 1
May 26: Chad Hedrick Wins Oscar Mathisen Trophy
May 26: Israeli Artistic Roller Skaters in Italy
May 24: Rennes sur Roulette in France (Results)
May 23: Happy Birthday to Swiss Roger Schneider
May 23: Photo of a Giant Roller Skate in Texas
May 22: An Inline Skating Postage Stamp
May 21: Mission Hockey Skates Merged with ITECH
May 21: Trang Wants to Skate a Marathon
May 20: Law and Order TV Show Sued by Inline Skater
May 20: Catriona Le May Doan is a New Mom
May 19: Road Rash Kills 7 Year Old Skater
May 18: Sex Changes and Olympic Athletes
May 18: Introducing Speed Team Fila Mentos 2004
May 17: Jilleanne Rookard Bio and Photo
May 17: Who Are These African Skaters?
May 17: A Troubling Situation for Skaters in India
May 16: Beethoven Pitanga at the Latin X Games
May 16: Skating With Buffalo Herds in Oklahoma
May 16: Hot New Photo of the Legendary Cesar Mora
May 16: Director of U.S. Figure Skating Retires
May 15: Recreational Skating in the United States
May 15: Kathie Roller Dancing in Trail Skates
May 15: Controversial French Federation President Resigns
May 14: Sign This Contract to Improve Your Physical Fitness
May 14: Quad Roller Skating is Good for Physical Fitness
May 14: Hit and Run Driver in Russia Broke Skater's Arm
May 13: Fan Site for Beni Huber of Switzerland
May 13: Help Lithuanian Skaters Keep City Park Auto-Free
May 13: New 24 Hour Inline Relay Race in Montreal
May 13: New Photos of Dalmo Travaglini of Brazil
May 12: Erika and Fernando of Rio, Brazil
May 11: New Sandro Dias Fan Site (Pro Skateboarder)
May 11: New Cristiano Mateus Fan site (Pro Skateboarder)
May 10: All Results from the Latin X Games
May 09: Vinicius Rosa is Latin X Inline Vert Champion
May 09: Caio Germano is Latin X Inline Park Champion
May 01: Basel Swiss Inline Marathon (Results)
May 01: Sunday Night Skating in Canada's Kildonan Park

April 2004
Apr 30: New Figure Skate Has Ankle Hinge for Safety
Apr 29: Do the Experts Think You Are Overweight?
Apr 28: The Fabulous Presti Brothers of Italy
Apr 27: Charlie Bennett Bio and Photo
Apr 27: FIRS Bulletins About Inline Hockey Worlds
Apr 26: FIRS Recognized 13 New Federations in 2004
Apr 25: Quad Roller Dancing TV Shows
Apr 25: Bucky and Bob Doing Tricks in an Airport
Apr 23: Meet Maria Teresa Cedeno of Cuba
Apr 22: Saturday Night Skating in Las Vegas
Apr 22: LG Action Sports Championships 2004 Schedule
Apr 20: Blading Bobbies of Brighton
Apr 20: Team Rollerblade Having Fun in Korea
Apr 20: Meet Four Olympians at the Disney Marathon
Apr 19: Meet Guido Ferraiuolo of PatinCarrera.com
Apr 18: Hamburg Marathon Results and Reports
Apr 18: Results from Ocean Championships
Apr 18: Two Beautiful Photos of Erben Wennemars
Apr 17: New Andrea Haritchelhar Photo Gallery
Apr 17: Introducing Team VW Sport XX 2004
Apr 16: The Latin American X Games are Coming
Apr 16: A Roller Skating Rink Closed Today
Apr 16: Date and Location of 2005 Winter X Games
Apr 15: Happy Birthday tpo Christoph Luginbuehl
Apr 15: Rudy Galindo Returns With 2 Ceramic Hips
Apr 14: Roller Derby Girls on the Web
Apr 13: A Photo of Swiss Team Salomon 2001
Apr 13: Athletic Underpants and Sports Bras
Apr 12: New ASA and LGE Action Sports Series
Apr 11: Seoul Inline Marathon (Results and Reports)
Apr 10: Photos of Skating on Korean Island
Apr 10: Introducing Aggressive Team Salomon 2004
Apr 09: Boy Dies After Skating Into Traffic
Apr 09: Lighted Safety Arm Bands
Apr 08: Photos of Team Hyper in Southern California
Apr 08: April 2004 Skating News from Kenya
Apr 07: A New X Games Sport Called Super Moto X
Apr 06: Are Skate Stoppers Dangerous?
Apr 05: ID Tags for Runners and Skaters
Apr 02: Finland Wins Gold at Syncrhonized Skating Worlds
Apr 02: Skater Biographies and Autobiographies

March 2004
Mar 23: Hans Brinker Play Uses Inlines for Ice Skates
Mar 22: Huffy Sold Gen X to Former Owners
Mar 21: Jack Njoroge of Nairobi Kenya
Mar 21: Little Jimmy Larson in 1975
Mar 20: Gravity Games Will Remain in Cleveland
Mar 19: A Tribute to Brian Maxwell of Powerbar
Mar 17: Rodriguez and Hedrick USOC Athletes of the Month
Mar 14: Proposal to Build a Skating Track in Canada
Mar 13: Caffeine Reduces Muscle Pain During Exercise
Mar 12: 10 Year Old Danish Girl Skated 100K
Mar 12: French Artist Paints Inline Skaters
Mar 10: The Godfather of Skating in San Francisco
Mar 10: Marathons Around the World in 2004
Mar 10: Plan a Holiday Around a Marathon
Mar 10: Inline Marathon Destination Guide
Mar 10: Two Skating Instructors Over Age 70
Mar 09: Beautiful Tatia Wallace of Canada
Mar 09: Wermlands Fun Roll in Sweden
Mar 09: Inside X - 2003 Summer X Games (Video)
Mar 08: Silver Strand Half Marathon is Nov 14
Mar 07: Weight Training for Roller Hockey (Book)
Mar 06: Queer Eye for the Figure Skating Guy
Mar 06: Profile of Aaron Arndt of Canada
Mar 05: Travel Planner for 2004 Speed Worlds

February 2004
Feb 28: Conny's New Bust Line
Feb 28: Team Ice Speed Skating Added to Olympics
Feb 27: Labeda Closes California Hockey Center
Feb 27: Fabiola Goes to Hollywood!
Feb 27: Tampa Speed Classic in Florida
Feb 26: Recipe for a Lazy Gourmet Skater
Feb 26: Huffy Cuts Jobs in Gen X Division
Feb 25: Julie Brandt Glass Fan Site
Feb 25: Andrea Haritchelhar of Argentina
Feb 25: Ryan Cox Broke His Back
Feb 25: Asian X Games Special Report
Feb 21: Extreme Downhill Ice Skating in Minnesota
Feb 21: Junior Asian X Games Final Results
Feb 20: Renate and Chad are Ice World Champions
Feb 19: Florida Teen Girl Was Killed by a Truck
Feb 15: Marvel Inline Skating Spider Girl Doll

January 2004
Jan 08: Bill Begg and Luca Presti Join Team Bont
Jan 08: Hyper Announces 2004 World Racing Team
Jan 08: A New Wall Calendar for Inline Skaters
Jan 07: South Africa Speed Invitational: Feb 13-15
Jan 04: Race on the Base: Feb 21 in California
Jan 03: Pakistan Roller Basketball Championships
Jan 02: Index to 2003 FIRS Articles
Jan 01: Index to 2003 SkateLog Articles
Jan 01: Index to 2002 SkateLog Articles
Jan 01: All of My About.com Articles

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