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Most Recent Skating Articles

Skating Articles and News - Most Recent on Top

Recent inline skating articles and quad roller skating articles, organized by date.

August 2005 Skating Articles:
Aug 04: Giant Mural on a Building at the X Games
Aug 03: Muppets Skateboarding at the 2005 X Games
Aug 02: Tour Minnesota with Eddy Matzger After Northshore
Aug 01: The First Banked Skating Track in India

July 2005 Skating Articles:
Jul 22: Bands Performing at the 2005 X Games
Jul 19: Final Selected Athletes for the 2005 X Games
Jul 18: Speed Skating at the 2005 World Games
Jul 18: Artistic Skating at the 2005 World Games
Jul 18: Inline Hockey at the 2005 World Games
Jul 17: Is IISA Returning as a New Organization?
Jul 07: Pictures of a 3 Year Old Artistic Roller Skater
Jul 05: Photos of a Rink Hockey Training Session in Mozambique

June 2005 Skating Articles:
Jun 23: Skate at the Roll Bounce Movie Premier in Hollywood
Jun 23: An Update on the National Skate Patrol
Jun 22: Introduction to Inline Skating in New Zealand
Jun 20: Web Pages of Digital Camera Manufacturers
Jun 16: Roller Skating at the Savoy Ballroom in the 1940's
Jun 10: Directory of Sunglasses Manufacturers
Jun 07: How to Heat Mold Speed Skates
Jun 08: Introducing the 2005 U.S. World Speed Team
Jun 04: GPS Receivers Designed for Sports
Jun 03: Nordic Blading - A New Kind of Inline Skating

May 2005 Skating Articles:
May 29: 2005 Asian X Games Special Report
May 29: Marco Di Santi is Asian X Games Vert Champion
May 27: Rian Arnold is Asian X Games Park Champion
May 25: News About Skating in Bangladesh
May 23: A Norwegian Skater's Adventures in Holland
May 21: News About Inline Skating in Kenya
May 18: Photos of the Rotterdam Wednesday Night Skate
May 17: Skating on the Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
May 17: Meet the Beck Family Rollers
May 17: Photos of Inline Skating in Tunisia
May 14: Skating in Hollywood Movies - by Genre and Year
May 13: Photos of Youth Roller Hockey in Mozambique
May 12: Canadian Newlyweds Skating in Their Wedding Clothes
May 08: Raphael Pfulg and Nicole Begg - 1st in Frauenfeld
May 07: Photos of Ulf Haase Inline Skating in Syria
May 06: Iran Will Compete at the Asian Championships
May 05: An Olympic Evaluation Speed Skating Event in Spain
May 03: LG Action Sports Tour Kicks Off in Moscow
May 02: Adidas Sold Salomon to a Finnish Company
May 02: Bont 30th Aniversary Speed Boot in Liquid Gold
May 01: 2005 Disney Inline Marathon was Cancelled

April 2005 Skating Articles:
Apr 30: Stefano and Angele Finished First in Basel
Apr 30: 2005 US Artistic Regionals - Dates and Locations
Apr 27: X Games Will Remain in Los Angeles Through 2009
Apr 21: Schedule for the 2005 Artistic World Championships
Apr 21: Tickets Are Available Now for Hardball Hockey Worlds
Apr 21: New Forum for Beginning Inline Skaters
Apr 18: Four New Photos of Speed Skater Julie Glass
Apr 17: Taipei Inline Marathon Results and Photos
Apr 16: 2005 Synchronized Ice Skating World Championships
Apr 13: 2005 RollerSoccer WorldChampionships
Apr 11: Skorpion Extreme Quad Roller Skates
Apr 10: Seoul Inline Marathon Results and Photos
Apr 04: Disco Fever Photos from Gold Skate 2005
Apr 03: Pakistan Slalom and High Jump Championships
Apr 03: Bio and Photo of Rui Kitamura of Japan
Apr 02: Meet Francesca Ciani Passeri of Italy
Apr 01: Marco de Santi of Brazil - Bio and Photos
Apr 01: 2005 Panamerican Championships: April 19-24

March 2005 Skating Articles:
Mar 29: USSG is Now Certifying Instructors
Mar 29: Instructor Certification Programs Worldwide
Mar 28: Thailand X Games Cup Photos and Reports
Mar 28: Sara Locandro California Workshop Photos
Mar 25: X Games Athletes Visit a Bangkok Orphanage
Mar 25: 2005 FIRS Hardball Hockey World Championships
Mar 25: 2005 FIRS Inline Hockey World Championships
Mar 25: 2005 IIHF Inline Hockey World Championships
Mar 25: 2005 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships
Mar 24: Thailand X Games Cup Competition Schedule
Mar 19: Where to Skate in the City of Minsk
Mar 18: Where to Skate in Mexico City
Mar 18: X Games Remain in LA, Inline Skating Dropped
Mar 17: 1st Thailand X Games Cup: March 24-27, 2005
Mar 17: ESPN Announces 2006 Winter X Games
Mar 16: Women's Goalkeeping Champion Ritika Sharma of India
Mar 14: Artistic Roller Dance Pairs at Gold Skate 2005
Mar 14: Photos from the Camp Woodward Inline Summit
Mar 09: Richie Velasquez With His New Twin Baby Girls
Mar 09: Sara Locandro Artistic Workshop in the United States
Mar 06: Katie and Fabiola at the Inline Summit (Photo)
Mar 04: Skating Trails in Melbourne, Australia
Mar 04: Gold Skate 2005 Results and Photos

February 2005 Skating Articles:
Feb 24: A New Inline Marathon on the Coast of Spain
Feb 22: Gold Skate Show Roller Skating Competition
Feb 20: Meet Rollersoccer Founder Zack Phillips
Feb 19: New Pascal Briand Photos by Ewoud Broeksma
Feb 18: Action Photos of Vert Champion Thumper Nagasako
Feb 18: Herb Gayle Tells Disney Their Route is Dangerous
Feb 16: A New Professional Organization for Skate Schools
Feb 14: 2005 World Environment Games in Brazil: Oct 22-30
Feb 13: Sabatino Aracu is the New President of FIRS
Feb 12: All-New Photos of Ayumi Kawasaki of Japan
Feb 11: Photos of the Pakistan National Championships
Feb 09: Valerie Leftwich for 1st Vice President of FIRS
Feb 07: Joey Mantia Bios and Photos (Updated)
Feb 07: Anni and Shani - New All Around Ice Speed Champions
Feb 05: Dutch Roller Skaters at the 2004 Artistic Worlds
Feb 04: Juan Carlos Betancur and Ashley Horgan - Engaged!
Feb 04: Laura Sanchez of Spain at the 2004 Artistic Worlds
Feb 02: Asian X Games Will Move to Korea in 2005
Feb 02: Speed Skaters Invited to the 2005 World Games
Feb 01: 2005 Winter X Games Special Report

January 2005 Skating Articles:
Jan 25: Photos of Extreme Downhill Ice Skating in Prague
Jan 25: Monica and Marco - 2004 Dance World Champions
Jan 24: Brian Shima at the 2004 LG Championships
Jan 23: Katie Ketchum at the 2004 LG Championships
Jan 22: Shane Dobbin Fan Site Updated
Jan 21: FIRS Will Elect a New President in February
Jan 21: Skating the Marina del Rey Breakwater Trail
Jan 20: The Beauty and Grace of Tanja Romano
Jan 19: Geelong Beach Inline Marathon in Australia
Jan 18: First 2005 Inline Downhill Event in California
Jan 17: Santa Monica Beach Pick-Up Hockey Games
Jan 14: 2005 Wall Calendar of Artistic World Champions
Jan 13: California Gravity Racing Series
Jan 12: PIC Skate Photo Gallery
Jan 10: Guide to California Skating Trails
Jan 06: Double-Push Articles and Video Clips
Jan 04: Roller Skaters Do It In the Navy
Jan 04: Senior Pairs Champions - A Photo Gallery

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