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2004 FIRS Articles

An unofficial chronological index to all of the articles published on the Web site of the International Roller Sports Federation in 2004.

October 2004
Oct 27: Euro Junior Hockey Championships in France
Oct 26: Australian Artistic Championships (Report)
Oct 26: New Book by Australian Jayson Suttcliffe
Oct 04: IOC Re-Confirms FIRS as Governing Body

September 2004
Sep 30: Copa America in Medellin Colombia: Oct 29 - Nov 1
Sep 27: Ladies Roller Hockey Champion is Argentina
Sep 10: 2005 Panamerican Nations Championships
Sep 10: 2004 European Inline Hockey Championships
Sep 10: European Inline Hockey Cup in Germany
Sep 10: Colombia Wins Gold and Silver at Worlds
Sep 06: Medal Count So Far at the Speed Worlds
Sep 03: 2004 Women's Hardball Hockey Worlds

July 2004
Jul 30: 2004 Downhill Worlds in Germany (Results)
Jul 30: European Jr. Roller Hockey Championships (Photos)
Jul 26: Roller Hockey B Championships in Macau
Jul 26: Panama Inline Marathon: August 8
Jul 26: Inline Hockey Worlds (Report)
Jul 21: European Speed Juniors in Spain
Jul 15: FIRS Elects Inline Hockey President
Jul 14: World Records Updated as of July 14, 2004
Jul 13: European Quad Hockey Championships: Sep 13-18
Jul 07: Taiwan Results at the Asian Championships
Jul 06: FIRS President Report from African Congress
Jul 06: Women's Inline Hockey Worlds (Results)
Jul 06: Men's Inline Hockey Worlds (Results)
Jul 06: News from Nigerian Federation President
Jul 05: 2004 Padova Speed Grand Prix: Aug 26-29
Jul 20: Nigerian Federation is Ready to Roll
Jul 02: 2004 European Speed Championships in August

June 2004
Jun 28: 2004 African Congress in Cairo (Report)
Jun 23: European Speed Cup in Germany: Aug 28-29
Jun 23: Nigeria Skating Federation is Growing
Jun 23: 2004 South American Championships in Argentina
Jun 15: 2004 B World Hockey Championships in Macau
Jun 22: 2004 Speed Worlds Details (English + Spanish)
Jun 07: Asiago Vipers Are Italian Inline Hockey Champs
Jun 01: 2004 Downhill Worlds: July 9-11 in Germany

May 2004
May 27: Inline Hockey Worlds - Bulletin #6
May 26: European Speed Championships: August 1-7
May 25: FIRS Re-Recognized Under New IOC Procedures
May 24: Inline Roller Hockey History
May 24: Results of the 2004 German Artistic Cup
May 21: 2004 London Marathon is Official FISS Event
May 17: European Instruction for Speed Judges: May 29-30
May 17: FIRS Roller Hockey Meeting: Sep 22 in Germany
May 13: European Champions Roller Hockey: May 14-16
May 12: New Dates for Memorial di Giuseppe in Italy
May 11: Rennes sur Roulette: May 22-23 in France
May 06: European Master Championships: May 1 Results
May 05: Bulletin About 2004 Speed Worlds in Italy
May 04: USARS/AAU Junior Inline Hockey Olympic Games
May 04: Imola Roller Marathon May 16 in Italy
May 04: International Hockey Committee Address Change
May 04: Centenary Roller Hockey Tournament in England

April 2004
Apr 29: FIRS Inline Hockey Committee Will Meet June 22
Apr 29: FIRS Speed Committee Will Meet September 3
Apr 27: Inline Hockey Worlds - Bulletin #5
Apr 22: FIRS Meets With USARS and USOC Members
Apr 22: FIRS Meets With Paris Olympic Bid CEO
Apr 21: Oceania Championships Artistic Report
Apr 20: FIRS Central Committee Meeting in Miami
Apr 13: 6 Teams Compete for Portuguese Hockey Title
Apr 13: A New Skating Web Site in India
Apr 13: Two New Skating Web Sites in Chile
Apr 13: Mexican Youth Olympics: April 14-18

March 2004
Mar 24: Results From An Artistic Event in Spain
Mar 19: 2004 Inline Hockey Worlds: Bulletin #4
Mar 18: Cincuentenario de la Real Federación Española
Mar 17: Latin European Hockey Tournament in Portugal
Mar 16: 50th Anniversary Artistic Event in Spain
Mar 15: European Marathon Masters Championships: May 1
Mar 12: FIRS President Oliveras on Madrid Attacks
Mar 09: Carlos Sena of Portugal Died on March 10
Mar 09: Visita a Chile de la Selección Catalana de Hockey
Mar 08: 2004 Inline Hockey Worlds: Bulletin #3
Mar 05: 2004 Speed Worlds in Italy: September 2-11
Mar 04: European Junior Speed Championships:July 23-29

February 2004
Feb 13: Barbieri Artistic Meet in Italy: Apr 24-25
Feb 12: Asian Championships in Japan: Jun 12-16
Feb 09: European Speed Records Updated
Feb 09: Disney Marathon in Florida: May 2
Feb 05: Introducing Team Bont International 2004
Feb 04: Riccione Roller Festival: Jun 27-Jul 2 (Italy)
Feb 03: Belgian Artistic International: Mar 20-21

January 2004
Jan 28: German Artistic Cup: May 19-22
Jan 28: Cuban National Olympics: April 19-29
Jan 26: New Zealand Championships (Photos+Report)
Jan 26: African Confederation Conference: Jun 25
Jan 23: 100th Birthday of NRHA in England
Jan 21: Ladies 2004 Hockey Worlds: Sep 19-25
Jan 20: European 2004 Speed Championships
Jan 15: South Africa 2004 Speed Championships
Jan 13: New Zealand Championships (Results)
Jan 13: 2004 Speed Worlds in Italy: Sep 2-11
Jan 08: 2004 FIRS CIC Speed Rules

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