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2005 Prague Crashed Ice Competition

On January 15, 2005 there was an extreme downhill ice skating competition in the City of Prague, Czech Republic that was sponsored by the Red Bull sports drink company. Pictured here are are Lucas Fiala, Tomas Grim, Martin Konfrst, and Vaclav Pazderka.

Prague Crashed Ice
Photo by Alex Schelbert reprinted with permission from Red Bull

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EVENT NAME: Red Bull Crashed Ice
SPORT: Ice Skating
DISCIPLINE: Ice Cross Downhill
LOCATION: Praque, Czech Republic
DATE: January 15, 2005

Sweden Finished First
Jasper Felder, the Speedy Swede cracked his fifth consecutive Red Bull Crashed Ice race, thrilling thousands of spectators lining the challenging ice canal course through the streets of historic Prague. Felder held his nerve for victory in this wild annual Ice Cross Downhill free-for-all. When he passed the finish line in the final run, he ripped off his shirt to proudly show a T-shirt with a portrait of his four-months-old son.

Czech Republic and Austria were 2nd and 3rd
Hometown hero Lukás Fiala came in second and Austrian Michael Krainer was third. To the delight of the thousands of enthusiastic spectators, a string of other Czech athletes snatched the top 11 places. Apart from Slovak racers, no foreign competitors in this yearis event managed better than 17th.

From Gold Medal Winner Jasper Felder
"This wasnit the fastest, but it was definitely the toughest ever Crashed Ice," the delighted Felder said in the finish area. He raced the course in an average speed of 42.3 km/hour mastering difficult hairpin bends and obstacles that added both tension and thrills.

Home Town Hero Was Mobbed by the Crowd
The second placed Fiala was mobbed with hometown media in the finish area while Krainer, a veteran of all other Red Bull Crashed Ice races said he was thrilled to have finally made the podium. "I am happy to be here," the Austrian racer said. Krainer made sure he was wearing his country colors, dying his beard red, white and red, the colors of the Austrian flag.

Full Protective Gear Was Required
Racers had to wear full ice hockey gear including bone, limb and backbone protectors and mandatory helmets and gloves to protect heads during tumbles and hands from the sharp skates of other racers. Only skilled skaters who could prove they were able to handle the track were allowed to race.

Event Was a Huge Success
Braving freezing temperatures spectators crammed into every nook and cranny of the buildings lining the course and gave spirited support to the Czech supporters. The Czech Republic produces some of the worldis best and most fearless ice hockey players. Previous Crashed Ice events have been held in Stockholm, Sweden, in Klagenfurt, Austria, Spirit Mountain, Minnesota and Moscow, Russia.

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