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Nairobi Inline 2003
June 6-8, 2003

The committee of the "Nairobi Inline 2003" race invites you to enjoy their country’s most scenic and exciting inline skating event on Sunday June 8th, 2003. The 2003 Nairobi Inline Race includes events for Seniors and Juniors
Nairobi Inline 2003 Race

The Course
The event will be held on Kenya’s most scenic and exciting inline skating route. The 21 km half marathon route begins at Nairobi City Hall Way and continues along Mombassa Road, Langata Road, and finishing back at City Hall Way. A route map of the course will be on the official event Web site at http://www.accesskenya.com/inline

Event programme
  • 10:00am cycling from village market to KICC
  • 11:1OAM Official opening event welcome and speeches
  • 11:30am 200m time trial
  • 12:30pm 500m sprint race
  • 13:00hrs 5000m inline race
  • 14:30hrs 200m kid race etc
  • 15:00hrs 42km marathon flag off
  • 15:10hrs 1000m fun races
  • Artistic skating display
  • Roller hockey demonstration
  • X-treme demonstration
  • 17:30hrs award and closing ceremony

    History of the Event
    The same committee in the beautiful city of Nairobi had prepared last year, in June 2002 Nairobi race. Success was great so they decided to start working hard to get to organize this international race We’re sure we have the support of the whole town of Nairobi to create an exciting sport festival with and exceptional victory

    Facts About Kenya
  • KENYA: the only place on Earth where the predators mother the prey.

  • CAPITAL: Nairobi

  • OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: English and Kiswahili

  • TIME: GMT /UTC + 3 all year round with an almost constant in hours of daylight sun-up a and sun-down at around 6.30 and 18: 45 daily

  • CLIMATE: the coast is always hot with 31-34 degrees centigrade whilst the average temperature in Nairobi is 21-26 degree centigrade

  • CURRENCY: The Kenya shilling (KSHS) 1 USD 78

  • MEDIA: Four English newspaper one daily Kiswahili newspaper seven local television stations and 22 local & foreign radio station.

  • HISTORICAL SITES: Kenya has more than 400 historical sites ranging from prehistoric fossil and Petrified Forest to 14th century slaves trading settlements Islamic ruins and 16th century Portuguese forts

    The Athlete Village
    A "village" will be set up in the middle of the city center of Nairobi that will be the logistical center of the event. There will be a catering service with meals for athletes and staff, plus product exhibitions, a quarter pipe for aggressive skating exhibitions, plus prize giving and exciting shows. Approximately 3000 to 5000 people are expected to attend the opening ceremony.

    The Race

    Skating ladies/men seniors
    - 200 m time trial race
    - 500 m sprint race
    - 5000 m inline race

    Ladies / men juniors
    - 200 m time trial race
    - 500 m sprint race
    - 5000 m inline race

    Ladies /men junior 21km half marathon
    Ladies / men seniors 21km half marathon

    Fun Sport - Kid races boys/girls 200mt

    Location of the function is situated central province in the capital city Nairobi 12 minutes from Jomo Kenyatta international airport. The venue of the event is at city hall way.

    Organizing committee will guarantee that tight security in the event; in addition we have joint hands together with traffic police department of Nairobi for sufficient security for the races. Also we have enough ambulances and medical personnel in case of emergences.

    The organizers committee consists in and or is supported by the following political and professionals:

  • National Sport Council Kenya
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Ministry of Sports
  • Nairobi City Council
  • Nairobi Traffic Department
  • Government of Kenya (Security Issues)
  • Kenya Roller Sports Federation (KCRS)
  • FIRS
  • CIC

    Any good skater, in the world can register for this Nairobi inline 2003 race. In order to secure accommodation all participant (athletes and captain) are requested to register by May 26, 2003. Registration received after this date will be referred to alternative accommodation. Online registration will be available on the official event Web site (to be launched soon).

    Entry Fee
  • Inline Races - 25 USD
  • Fun Sport Kid Races - 5 USD
    All payment is should be made on the morning of Friday, June 6 at the Secretarial Office of the Pan Afric Hotel.

    We accept all different types of skates, both inline-skates as well as classic roller-skates also called quads. We only allow 5 rollers for discipline of speed (etc regulation on our site)

    Official Hotel: Sarova Panafric Hotel
  • 113 USD shared/double half board three nights per person
  • 165 USD Single half board three nights per person
  • 95 USD shared/Triple half board three nights per person
    Breafast and dinner and transportation to and from the hotel are included in the room rates (lunch will be available for $7-$13 USD).

    Panafric Hotel
    PanAfric Hotel - Official Event Lodging

    The function will be insured which means that all athletes participating in the event will be insured. Please note that this will be medical insurance only.

    The Awards
    There will be gold, silver and bronze medals for the top three finishers overall, and there will be cash prizes for the top 3 finishers in each category. All finishers will receive a certificate of participation.

    The Media
    It is certain that the entire capital city of Nairobi will be focused on this event, and on race day it will be the main attraction in the city. The publicity agency for the race has assured full coverage of the occasion by contact all of the local and international TV and radio stations and all of the local and international newspapers.

    The Schedule

    6th June 2003 - Arrival of Teams
  • 11:30 am (11:30) - Press/Technical Meeting
  • 01:30 pm (13:00) - Tour of Nairobi

    7th June 2003
  • 07:00 am (07:00) - Morning teams warm up
  • 11:00 am (11:00) - Shopping etc
  • 01:00 pm (13:00) - Sightseeing etc

    8th June 2003
  • 09:00 am (09:00) Registration for fitness race
  • 09:30 am (09:30) Performance by traditional dance and acrobats
  • 10:00 am (10:00) Official races
  • 01:00 pm (13:00) Fitness and kid races
  • 04:00 pm (16:00) Freestyle skating and dancing
  • 07:00 pm (19:00) Closing ceremony
  • 08:30 pm (20:30) Award ceremony and cocktail party at the Panafric Hotel for all winners

    Inclusive: lunch + drinks of teams and their captain, also mineral water will be available in all five check points during the half marathon and 5000m inline race.

    Contacts for More Information

    The official event Web site will be launched soon. Until that site is available you can contact the following for more information:

    Mr. Jack Njoroge, Race Representative
    Mobile Phone +254 733 736076
    Email Address: nairobimarathon@hotmail.com
    Alternative Email: skatingevent@hotmail.com
    FAX: 254 02 242526

    2003 Nairobi Race Committee
    PO Box 00200-57741
    Nairobi, Kenya

    Other Contacts Event Secretariat - Ms. Clio Mbeo
    Race Assistant - Carol
    Event Assistance - Mr.Ali Said Kilanga
    Roller Sports Chairman - Mr. Philip Gunjiri

    Join the Fun!
    The Nairobi Race Committee is planning to make the 2003 event more spectacular and exciting than all of their previous events, and they invite the entire global skating community to participate in this race and visit one of the greatest tourist destinations in Africa.

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    Forums for discussing aggressive, artistic, beginning, hockey, fitness, recreational, roller basketball, roller derby, roller dancing, rollersoccer, quad skating, slalom skating, and speed skating.

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