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Boston Skate 2003
September 12-14 in Massachusetts USA

Skate Boston 2003 - September 12-14

Come to Boston for an exciting, fun-filled weekend of skating!

Whether it is cruising the historic waterfront, crossing Downtown, or skating through beautiful suburbs, you will have an awesome time on wheels.

The weekend begins on Friday Night with a great night skate through the City, touring local landmarks, the waterfront and the harbor. We finish with a late night dinner at one of the happening places in the Back Bay.

On Saturday, we feature two skates! Go "Back to School" to check out many of the great colleges in and around Boston. After lunch, it's time to ride the train out to the suburbs for a great skate tour back to the city. Dinner is planned Downtown, followed by a night of partying around town.

On Sunday, we join the Sunday Morning City Skate, and will tour beautiful areas along the Charles River.

Skate Boston 2003 is sponsored by the In-Line Club of Boston and the Boston Chapter of the National Skate Patrol. The skating events are FREE - We look forward to showing you around our fair city! We provide the skating - you provide everything else. If you're an NSP patroller and want to help out, please bring your NSP Shirt.

We want to know if you are coming! Please RSVP to nan.silverman@documentum.com

Event hotel accommodations are available at the DoubleTree Guest Suites Boston, 400 Soldiers Field Road, Boston. This Hotel is located in the area known as Allston, not far from the Charles River and many of our activities. Please mention "Skate Boston 2003" to get the reduced room rate of $139 (+ tax)/night for a double and $159 (+ tax)/night for a triple or quad. You may contact the hotel at 617-783-0090 or go to http://www.doubletree.com and search for "Doubletree Guest Suites Boston." Parking rates have been discounted to $10/night (instead of $20).

Skate Boston 2003 Poem in the spirit of "Paul Revere's Ride" by Longfellow.

Listen all skaters and you will hear the rolling of wheels from both far and near on the 12th of September in 2003 They came to Massachusetts happily and skated the Boston streets that year A cry arose if Boston should hold a skate event to view historical sites Send an email to the skaters network And we'll arrive with all of our might We will come by land and come by sea And the Boston club at the Hatch Shell will be Ready to skate and show us some sweet moves (Even though 200 years ago it was the clatter of hooves That shook the town's rafters and roofs)

We look forward to seeing you at Skate Boston 2003!


Friday, 9/12/03 , 6:00pm, Boston Downtown and Waterfront Skate - See the City by the Sea

6:00pm - Welcome & waivers signed at Doubletree Guest Suites Hotel, Soldiers Field Road

6:30pm - Skate departs from the DoubleTree Guest Suites Boston on the path along the Charles River to the Esplanade and the Hatch Shell (~3 miles)

7:00pm - Skate departs from the Hatch Shell

~10:00pm - Skate ends at local dining establishment (directions back to hotel will be available)

Leader: Todd Hutchinson

Distance & Territory: ~18 miles of Boston, Dorchester Heights, UMass/JFK Library and possibly Castle Island.

For advanced skaters.

"Night Skate" skill level at http://www.sk8net.com/events/skills.html

Saturday, 9/13/03 , 9:30am Boston Back to School Skate - Tour our local bastions of higher education

9:30am - Skate departs from the DoubleTree Guest Suites Boston to the Hatch Shell

10:00am - Skate departs from the Hatch Shell

~1:00pm - Skate ends at the hotel, followed by lunch on your own or with group at a local establishment

Leader: Jeff DeCola

Distance & Territory: ~12 miles, through Boston, Cambridge, MIT, Harvard, and many local schools; moderate pace, some rough roads.

For intermediate and above skaters.

"Advanced Tours" skill level at: http://www.sk8net.com/events/skills.html

Saturday, 9/13/03, 3:30pm Suburb Train Skate - Take Commuter Rail to the Burbs and skate back to the City

3:30pm - Skate departs from the DoubleTree Guest Suites Boston to Hatch Shell

4:00pm - Skate departs from Hatch to Commuter Rail Station

6:30pm - Skate returns to hotel

Leader: Mark Stallard

Distance & Territory: ~12 miles, city and suburb road skating, variety of pavement surfaces, etc. Bring $$ and shoes to ride commuter rail.

For Intermediate and above skaters.

"Advanced Tours" skill level at: http://www.sk8net.com/events/skills.html

Saturday, 9/13/03, 7:30pm Depart hotel for dinner

8:00pm Dinner at a local establishment (TBA)

10:00pm Check out the Boston Nightlife

Sunday, 9/14/03, 9:30am Cambridge, Boston to Brookline by the Charles River Skate - Tour special places in these communities along the Charles River.

10:00am - Skate departs from the DoubleTree Guest Suites Boston and crosses the Charles River to JFK Park on Memorial Drive in Cambridge (~1 mile)

10:30am - Skate departs from JFK Park on Memorial Drive, Cambridge

1:00pm - Skate ends on Memorial Drive (Cambridge) on the section that is closed to traffic on Sundays. Skate back the mile to the hotel for those who need to leave immediately.

Leader: Moshe Cohen

Distance & Territory: ~12 miles - moderately paced, some hills.

For Strong Beginner/Intermediate and above Skaters.

"Sunday Morning City Skate" skill level at: http://www.sk8net.com/events/skills.html

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