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Romantic Gifts for Skaters

Here are some of my favorite romantic gift ideas. All of these gifts are suitable for male and female skaters, and with slight adjustments, most of them would make wonderful gifts for non-skating loved ones as well.

A Candlelight Dinner
Take your loved one skating, and surprise them halfway through the skate with a romantic dinner or brunch. You can keep it simple by hiding champagne, two glasses, candles, matches, bread, cheese, and a special gift in your back pack. Or you can go all out, and ask your friends to set up a table somewhere along your skating path with candles, tablecloth, and a fancy dinner. You can prepare the dinner yourself, or purchase it at a fancy deli or your favorite "special occasion" restaurant. Maybe you can even talk your friends into wearing formal clothes and sticking around to act as waiters or play the violin, guitar, or cello.

A Sexy Photo
One of the best romantic gift ideas, is to take a sexy photo of yourself in skates, and put it in a beautiful frame. This can be an inexpensive gift if you have a friend take the photo, or a luxury gift if you hire Playboy's best, to photograph your body bathed in glowing pink or golden light. If you are feeling very daring, you can even "bare all" for this photo (except your skates of course). If you do that, be sure to send me a copy for my Naked Skating page! Actually I would love to have a copy even if you don't bare all. I could start a "Skater Hunks and Skater Babes" page. If you don't think you can pull off the sexy skater look, you can still use this idea, by coming up with an amusing outfit for your photo. For example, you could dress up as a skating tourist (Bermuda shorts, black socks, Hawaiian shirt, geeky hat, 6 cameras around your neck), or rent a silly outfit from your local costume shop.

A Private Night of Skating
Surprise your partner by renting an entire roller skating rink or skate park for an hour or two of private skating. Most rinks and skate parks will rent their facilities to groups and private individuals after their normal operating hours. You can make the evening extra special by combining this idea with the above candlelight dinner, and having a romantic dinner table set up inside the rink or skate park.

A Romantic Weekend
Find a special bed and breakfast or romantic inn located on or very near a beautiful bike path, and give your significant other a special private weekend of romance and skating. You can use my Where to Skate directory or my Skating Trails to select a beautiful place to skate.

A Special Poem or Letter
Write very personal and intimate poem about your loved one. You could write about the fun you have had skating with this person, or how they have supported you in your skating career, or some other topic that will make them feel special and loved. If you feel there is just no way you could possibly write any poetry, you can write a short, but very special, letter. Put your poem or letter in a beautiful frame or make a collage out of it.

A Piece of Jewelry
There is a lot of jewelry available on the Internet for male and female skaters. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

  • Eddy Matzger's Barefoot Skate Charm
    One of the most beautiful pieces of skate-themed jewelry I've seen is the Eddy Matzger Speedskate Charm. It is a gold bare foot with 5 silver wheels attached to it, and the wheels really spin!

  • More Jewelry with a Skating Theme
    A directory of suppliers of jewelry with an inline skating, ice skating, or quad roller Skating theme.
A Work of Art
For a very special gift, purchase one of these off-the-shelf or custom sculptures.

  • Crystal Skate
    A beautiful crystal and gold inline skate sculpture from the Crystal Fox Gallery.

    Scholz Sculpture
    Guenter Scholz makes metal sculptures with many different themes. This one is a funky-looking female inline skater, wearing Scholz's signature giant sunglasses.
  • A T-Shirt Memory Quilt
    Here is a very special gift idea, and a practical one too: Turn all of those skating event t-shirts that are filling up your closet into a beautiful memory quilt or wall hanging.

  • A Memory Scrapbook
    Dig up photos, ticket stubs, brochures and other items, and cut and paste them into a special scrapbook to preserve your loved one's memories of a special skating trip, a favorite skating spot, their skating career, or perhaps all of your skating adventures together in 2000.

  • Photo Items
    DBcreations.com will imprint your favorite photo onto T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, tote bags, mugs, key chains, mouse pads, can coolers, coasters, watches, wall clocks, stand-up figures, jig-saw puzzles, magnets, holiday ornaments, calendars, and other items.

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