Naked Skating Pictures and Articles

Naked skating articles, photos, free online video clips, t-shirts, posters, and information about organized group naked skates. Includes photos, an interview, and an article about the June 2001 naked skating event organized by Sandy Snakenberg.
Philly Freedom Skate Striptease

40 Naked Sakters in Golden Gate Park
San Francisco

Jeffrey of Venice Beach
Venice Beach

Naked Skating Photos and Videos

Photos of Naked Skating
A collection of PG rated naked skating photos taken by me or contributed by other skaters.

Videos of Naked Skating
Free online video clips of naked skaters and commercial videos with nude skating sequences.

More About Naked Skating

Articles About Naked Skating
Articles about inline skating in the nude including where to skate nude legally, why Sandy Snakenberg organizers naked skates, and what the June 2001 nude group skate in San Francisco was like.

Gifts With a Naked Skating Theme
T-shirts, greeting cards, and prints with a nude skating theme.

Naked Skate Girl

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