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Skating News and Recent Discussions

News and recent forum discussions about inline skating and quad roller skating. You can add your own skating news to this page by posting a message in the SkateLog Forum.

Why Are North American Rinks Closing?
"Spins" thinks immigration is causing North American roller skating rinks to close. What do you think?

Putting Larger Wheels in the Back
From Jibberish18: "What is the significance of putting bigger wheels in the back and smaller wheels up front?"

L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide
Why do some athletes take these supplements? What are they suppose to do?

Tips for Making a P-Rail
From lee-mcdonald: "when I was putting the coping on my mini spine ramp I used liquid nails..."

Hills to Skate in Los Angeles
Are there any?

Fancy Footwork on Artistic Skates
From Spins: "I've been doing footwork where on a right, forward, inside edge I can rotate three times. At the end I'm skating backward and extending the left leg back as if having landed a jump. Anyone use this in a combination with a jump or other move"

Slalom Skating in Berlin
Does anybody know where the local skaters set up slalom runs in Berlin, Germany?

Historic Roller Skating Rink is Being Restored
Here is some information about efforts to restore the historic Babbs Roller Skating Rink in Southwick Connecticut and get it listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

RollerSoccer Web Sites
Do you know about any RollerSoccer Web sites that are not included here?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Creative Repair Techniques for Figure Skating Boots
How one skater used screws and super glue to get six more months out of his roller figure skating boots.

Salomon Skate Sizes
Some skaters say Salomon skates run larger then shoe sizes and others say they run smaller. What has your experience been?

How to Measure Skate Wheels
From CBeck: "What is the best way to go about measuring the size of your skate wheels?"

Maintaining Rust-Proof Bearings
From SeJoWa: "Powerslide bearings were mentioned a short while ago on this forum. I'd be grateful for suggestions on how best to pry loose the cover, as dirt and grit will need to be removed after a rain skate"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Weird Ankle Pain After a Long Skate
From LinkLemming: "After skating 30 miles I noticed a foot and ankle soreness that I have never experienced before. I notice it most when going up and down stairs. The problem area is on the outside of my foot..."

Best Plates for Skating Figures?
From srknurse: "Can anyone tell me which plates are most popular for figures? I use Atlas but saw some I did not recognize at the U.S. Nationals..."

Which College Campus is Best for Skating?
Which colleges and universities are best for skating? Do any of them even allow inline skating?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Best GPS Receiver for Skating
If you skate with a GPS receiver, which make and model do you have? Would you recommend it to others? What GPS do you recommend for people on a tight budget? What if they had an unlimited amount of money to spend?

Heat Molding Radical 100's
From Prefontaine: "I am considering heat molding my Radical 100 skates. How do I get the heel to fit tighter? After they come out of the oven, do I need to put shims or something between the heel cup and the boot?"

Monday, September 04, 2006

How to Overcome Fear of Skating
From Motosk8ter: "Carol broke her arm back in April, and we are now faced with a fear of skating, falling, and things related to the incident. Her return to skating has not been accomplished due to anxiety about what can happen. Has anyone gone thru this and just how did you work out of it?"

Beginner's Inline Skate Digs Into Calf
From NakitiDL: "While skating, especially on my left leg, the skate tends to dig into the inside of my calf. I've been trying to stay on the outside of the wheels like you're supposed to, but it only makes it worse..."

Best Wheel for Artistic Roller Skating?
From rskater: " I use to inline skate,and I am just getting into quad artistic roller skating. I am having a tough time selecting wheels. The surface I will be skating on is polished cement. I will be doing mainly freestyle. Any hardness and wheel size suggestions?"

Is There Any Roller Derby in Europe?
From Scratcher In the Eye: "I'm traveling through Spain and Italy this winter and I was wondering if Roller Derby had made its way out there and if anyone has any contacts?"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why Do You Skate?
Our forum visitors are explaining why skating has taken over their lives. Why do you skate?

Whatever Happened to Snyder Skates?
The Snyder Skates Web site has disappeared. What happened?

Four Canadian Roller Rinks Closed
At least four roller skating rinks in Ontario Canada have closed in the last two or three years.

Skater Needs Help With a Mohawk Turn
From RobinF: "I am nursing some rink rash today after falling down AGAIN while trying to master the mohawk turn. I am having a lot of trouble mastering it and I have the bruises to show for it..."

Mardi Gras Skating Marathon - February 2007
The second annual Mardi Gras Inline Skating Marathon will take place February 17, 2007 in Lafayette, Louisiana USA.

Inline Slalom vs. Quad Roller Skating Slalom
Are IFSA events and rules only for inline slalom skating, or are they also for slalom quad roller skating? Do people still do slalom skating on quad roller skates?

Boogie Fever Wheel Cleaning Strategy
From Spins: "During regular skate sessions debris causes bumping wheels to the point of being a huge distraction. The rinks no longer have wheel cleaner machines..."

Quadline and Other Outdoor Quad Skates
From hydrus01: "I have been researching a lot of different websites in hopes of purchasing a new pair of outdoor quad skates. Has anybody tried the new Quadlines?"

Is There Ice Hockey on Bornholm Island?
Does anybody know if there are any ice hockey clubs on Bornholm Island off the caost of Denmark?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anybody Want to Skate in Switzerland?
The organizers of the low-cost SkateFresh recreational skating tours of the Netherlands are thinking about organizing a skating tour of Switzerland in 2007. Who wants to go?

ABC-TV is Auditioning Roller Girl Moms
From ABC Casting: "ABC is looking for Roller Derby-playing moms and their families to appear on our hit reality show, "Wife Swap". The program takes two different families and has the wives switch places to experience how another family lives. "

A 24 Hour World Record Attempt in Singapore
A group of male and female skaters in Singapore will try to set a 24 hour relay world record at an Inline Skate Carnival September 8-9, 2006.

A Fun Night Skate in Beijing China
The Beijing 66 Show Club organizes a night skate every Saturday evening, in the Chinese city of Beijing, from April to November. The skate usually begins near the Beijing Zoo at 7:30 pm and it has a fun carnival-like atmosphere. Everybody is invited!

Best Wheels for Skating in Rain?
From Jonas: "I plan to do the Berlin Marathon this September and I want to be prepared for bad weather. Anyone have a suggestion on a good rain wheel to ensure as good a grip as possible if it happens to be a wet surface? "

Cracked Boot
From Seung Ho: "Lately my left boot has been acting weird. I couldn't get on my edges properly. First I thought my muscles were not strong enough. Finally I checked the boot and frame...and wow, the boot is cracked. The carbon fibre has cracked and the metal plate inside is loose..."

Cracked Frame
From ChuckBoucher: "While changing my wheels from outdoor to indoor, I checked my frame mounting bolts to make sure they hadn't loosened up. Upon inspection of the area surrounding the frame bolt, I gasped... There it was, the first crack I have ever put in any of the 7 inline frames I've owned..."

Photos of the 2006 Saint Paul Marathon
Here are some photos of Saint Paul Inline Marathon, which took place on August 20, 2006.

Photos of the New York City 100K
Photos posted by two different skaters and results of the New York City 100K and marathon.

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