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Day 1 of the 2004 US Outdoor Nationals
May 26, 2004 in Colorado

On the first day of the United States Outdoor Inline Speed Skating Championships four skaters secured spots on the 2004 World Team: Brittany Bowe and Sebastian Cano were selected for the Junior World Team and Julie Glass and William Bowen made the Senior World Team. The US Speed Worlds will continue through Saturday, May 29.

USA Roller Sports press release dated May 28, 2004
2004 Outdoor National Banked Track Championships

Day 1 Reports and Results

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado. - Spectators from across the nation gathered at the Seven-Eleven Velodrome to watch the kickoff of the 2004 USA Roller Sports (USARS) Outdoor National Banked Track Inline Speed Skating Championships. Speed skaters competed in 300m time trials and 1000m sprints.

Inline speed skaters raced against the clock to beat their best time in the 300m time trials and secure their spot on the 2004 World Team USA. Junior World Class Ladiesí Brittany Bowe (Ocala, Florida) belted out a national record winning time of 28.74 seconds, which secured her placement on the 2004 Junior World Team. Bowe garnered another win in the 1000m sprint race with 1:46.071. Sebastian Cano (Miami, Florida) would prove the same feat in the Junior World Class Menís division, with a 300m time of 27.261.

Pan American and World Class Ladiesí Julie Glass (Olympia, Washington) rolled out to be a top contender with a gold medal time of 28.774. Glass also took the first place spot in the 1000m with a time of 1:45.437. William Bowen (Harrisonburg, Va.) took the gold, with a Junior World Class Menís 300m time of 26.993. Darren Kauffman (Waynesboro, Penn.) dominated in the 1000m sprint with a gold medal time of 1:39.582 in the Junior World Class Menís division.

Pan American and 2003 Junior World Champion, Joey Mantia (Ocala, Florida), contended his first year in the Senior World Class Menís Division and rolled out his first Senior gold medal in the 1000m with a time of 1:54.170.

"It was step one in the big journey and a sigh of relief," said Mantia. "I could feel someone behind me in the race, and I had a feeling that they were going to drop low. Josh Wood dropped low on the bank and flew by me. I hit him on the other side and came back for the win."

The banked track championships will continue through Saturday, May 29, at the Seven-Eleven Velodrome, five blocks south of the Olympic Training Center in Memorial Park. Rain date for track events is scheduled for Sunday, May 30. The road competition will be held Monday, May 31 through Tuesday, June 1 at Pikes Peak International Raceway, located at 16650 Midway Ranch Road in Fountain, Colo. Rain date for road events is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2.

The National Championships will display the fastest inline speed skaters in the nation as they compete for one of 16 spots on the 2004 Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) USA Senior World Team and eight spots on the USA Junior World Team. Team USA will compete at the FIRS Junior and Senior World Inline Road and Track Speed Skating Championships from August 28 through September 11, 2004, in LíAquila, Sulmona and Pescara Italy.

Results for the 2004 USARS Outdoor National Championships
Seven-Eleven Velodrome, Colorado Springs, Colorado

DAY 1 RESULTS - MAY 26, 2004 (Wednesday)

Junior World Class Ladies 300 Meter Time Trial
1. Brittany Bowe 28.74 (National Record/Junior World Team)
2. Heather Richardson 29.566
3. Amber Yarborough 30.066
4. Stephanie Combs 30.449

Junior World Class Men 300 Meter Time Trial
1. Sebastian Cano 27.261 (Junior World Team)
2. Darren Kauffman 27.930
3. Jonathan Gorman 28.045
4. Jarrett Paul 28.460

World Class Ladies 300 Meter Time Trial
1. Julie Glass 28.774 (Senior World Team)
2. Jessica Smith 29.073
3. Sara Sayasane 29.597
4. Jilleanne Rookard 30.478

World Class Men 300 Meter Time Trial
1. William Bowen 26.993 (Senior World Team)
2. Jordan Malone 27.137
3. Joey Mantia 27.197
4. Jonathan Garcia 27.567

Junior World Class Ladies 1000 Meter
1. Brittany Bowe 1:46.071
2. Kelly Gunther
3. Mallory Pracale
4. Heather Richardson

Junior World Class Men 1000 Meter
1. Darren Kauffman 1:39.582
2. Jonathan Gorman
3. Sebastian Cano
4. Jarrett Paul

World Class Ladies 1000 Meter
1. Julie Glass 1:45.437
2. Jessica Smith
3. Kimi Butler
4. Jillianne Rookard

World Class Men 1000 Meter
1. Joey Mantia 1:54.170
2. Josh Wood
3. Adam Miller
4. Michael Cheek

Junior World Class Ladies 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Brittany Bowe 58 pts.
2. Kelly Gunther 37 pts.
3. Mallory Pracale 31 pts.
4. Emily Scott 11 pts.

Junior World Class Men 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Darren Kauffman 67 pts.
2. Jonathan Gorman 26 pts.
3. Travis Smith 24 pts.
4. Jarrett Paul 7 pts.

World Class Ladies 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Jilleanne Rookard 58 pts.
2. Kimi Butler 47 pts.
3. Jessica Smith 45 pts.
4. Erin DiJulio 1 pt.

World Class Men 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Joey Mantia 32 pts.
2. Chris Creveling 22 pts.
3. KC Boutiette 21 pts.
4. Adam Miller 14 pts.

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