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Day 2 of the 2004 US Outdoor Nationals
May 27, 2004 in Colorado Springs

On day 2 of the United States Outdoor National Speed Skating Championships in Colorado Springs Olympic ice speed skating champion KC Boutiette proved he is still a contender on wheels.

USA Roller Sports press release dated May 27, 2004
2004 Outdoor National Banked Track Championships

Day 2 Reports and Results

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado.- Day two of the USA Roller Sports (USARS) 2004 Outdoor National Inline Speed Skating Championships proved to be an intense fight, as racers contended for top spots in the 10,000m points elimination final. Olympian Ice Speed Skater KC Boutiette proved his inline ability when he rolled out third place (21 pts.) in the World Class Men’s Division.

Pan American Champion and World Class Men’s Joey Mantia (Ocala, Florida) dominated in the 10,000m points elimination race with 32 pts. Only a one point difference stood between Chris Creveling’s (Kinthersville, Penn.) second place 22 pt. victory and Olympian KC Boutiette’s (Park City, Utah) third place 21 point win. Boutiette proved in the 10,000m Points Elimination race that he would be a top contender on inlines at this year’s Outdoor National Championships.

"There were so many people yelling for me in the stands," said Boutiette. "I went out there to race and to prove to myself that I could do well in these races. The turns on the track are a bit uncomfortable for me, but I hope in the next few days I can keep the ball rolling. I am really looking forward to the road course. This is a great way to kick everything off."

Jilleanne Rookard (Carleton, Michigan) rolled out a win in the World Class Ladies division with 58 pts. Rookard set out to fight for the win over Kimi Butler (Sacramento, Calif.) who took the 2003 Outdoor National gold in the race. Butler took the second place spot this year with 47 pts, with Jessica Smith (Melvindale, Michigan) in close third with 45 pts.

"This race was a world team qualifier," said Rookard. "I need to keep the points coming in so that I can guarantee a spot on this year’s Team USA."

Junior World Class Men’s Darren Kauffman (Waynesboro, Penn.) dominated in the race with 67 pts, followed by Jono Gorman’s (Roswell, Georgia) 26 pts. and Travis Smith’s third place win with 24 pts. Brittany Bowe (Ocala, Florida) of the Junior World Class Ladies division beat out her fellow contenders in the 10,000m points elimination race with 58 pts. Kelly Gunther (Clinton Township, Mich.) captured the second place spot with 37 pts., and Mallory Pracale (North Las Vegas, Nev.) garnered third place with 31 pts.

Inliners raced the 10,000m points elimination with the ultimate objective to gain points during the race, which in turn qualifies them to compete for World Team USA. Points are awarded to each lap following the bell lap. The skater who crosses the finish line in first place on each sprint lap receives three points. The second place skater after the bell lap receives two points, with the third place contender receiving one point. The bell lap also signifies an elimination, depending on the number of skaters in the race. As the first, second and third place skaters cross the line, the last place skater is eliminated from the race. At the completion of the event, the points are accumulated for each skater and those placing in the qualifying positions will be awarded first, second and third place.

The banked track championships will continue through Saturday, May 29, at the Seven-Eleven Velodrome, five blocks south of the Olympic Training Center in Memorial Park. Rain date for track events is scheduled for Sunday, May 30. The road competition will be held Monday, May 31 through Tuesday, June 1 at Pikes Peak International Raceway, located at 16650 Midway Ranch Road in Fountain, Colo. Rain date for road events is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2.

The National Championships will display the fastest inline speed skaters in the nation as they compete for one of 16 spots on the 2004 Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) USA Senior World Team and eight spots on the USA Junior World Team. Team USAwill compete at the FIRS Junior and Senior World Inline Road and Track Speed Skating Championships from August 28 through September 11, 2004, in L’Aquila, Sulmona and PescaraItaly.

Results for the 2004 USARS Outdoor National Championships
Seven-Eleven Velodrome, Colorado Springs, Colorado

DAY 2 RESULTS - MAY 27, 2004 (Thursday)

Junior World Class Ladies 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Brittany Bowe 58 pts.
2. Kelly Gunther 37 pts.
3. Mallory Pracale 31 pts
4. Emily Scott 11 pts.

Junior World Class Men 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Darren Kauffman 67 pts.
2. Jono Gorman 26 pts.
3. Travis Smith 24 pts.
4. Jarrett Paul 7 pts.

World Class Ladies 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Jilleanne Rookard 58 pts.
2. Kimi Butler 47 pts.
3. Jessica Smith 45 pts.
4. Erin DiJulio 1 pt.

World Class Men 10,000 Points Elimination Final
1. Joey Mantia 32 pts.
2. Chris Creveling 22 pts.
3. KC Boutiette 21 pts.
4. Adam Miller 14 pts.

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