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Roller Girls: All Girl Roller Derby Leagues

Information about girls-only roller derby teams and leagues, organized by name. To see all-girl roller derby teams organized by location see Roller Derby Teams by Country.

Roller girls - all girl roller derby leagues - are appearing all over the United States and Canada. Note that this is not the kind of roller derby skating you have seen in the past. Some of the games are more serious then others, but some go so far as to be more of a wild and crazy Saturday Night Live style parody of traditional roller derby. In any case, these games are very entertaining, so you have an opportunity to watch an all-girl roller derby game, don't miss it. One note... check with the organizers before bringing children to an all-girl roller derby game. Some (but not all) of the games feature rather risque uniforms and player nicknames and some (but not all) of the leagues allow or even encourage the girls to fight during the games. It's all in good fun, but it's good to know what to expect before you bring your kids.

Alamo City Rollergirls
Alamo City Rollergirls
San Antonio, Texas USA

Arch Rival Rollergirls
St. Louis, Missouri USA

Arizona Roller Derby
Arizona Roller Derby
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Arizona Derby Dames

Assassination City Roller Derby
Assassination City Derby
Dallas Texas

Atlanta Rollergirls
Atlanta Roller Girls
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Bay Area Derby Girls
Northern California USA

Big Easy Rollergirls
New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Boston Derby Dames
Boston, Massachusetts USA

Brew City Bruisers
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Carolina Rollergirls
Carolina Rollergirls
Raleigh, North Carolina USA

Charm City Roller Girls
Baltimore, Maryland USA

Chi Town Sirens
Chicago, Illinois USA

Chicago, Illinois USA

Detroit Roller Derby
Detroit, Michigan USA

Dixie Derby Girls
Huntsville, Alabama USA

Dominion Derby Girls
Dominion Derby Girls
Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

Duke City Derby
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

East Texas Bombers
Tyler, Texas

Ft. Wayne Derby Girls
Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

Gothem Girls Roller Derby
Gotham Girls Roller Derby
New York City, New York USA

Grand Raggidy Rollergirls
Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Hamilton Harlots
Ontario, Canada

Hammer City Roller Girls
Ontario, Canada

Houston Roller Derby
Houston, Texas USA

Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Corpus Christi, Texas USA

Kansas City Rolelr Warriors
Kansas City Roller Warriors
Kansas City, Missouri USA

LA Derby Dolls
L.A. Derby Dolls
Los Angeles, California USA

Lone Star Roller Girls
Austin Texas USA

Mad Rollin' Dolls
Madison, Wisconsin

Minnesota Rollergirls
Minnesota Roller Girls
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Mississippi Roller Girls

No Coast Derby Girls
Lincoln, Nebraska USA

Ohio Rollergirls
Ohio USA

Hammer City Roller Girls
Ontario, Canada

Oil City Derby Girls
Alberta, Canada

PA Roller Derby
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania USA

Penn Jersey She Devils
Penn Jersey She Devils
Pennsylvania and New Jersey USA

Philly Rollergirls
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Providence Roller Derby
Providence, Rhode Island USA

Rat City Rollergirls
Rat City Rollergirls
Seattle Washington USA

River City Rollergirls
Richmond, Virginia USA

Long Island Roller Rebels
Long Island, New York USA

Penn Jersey She Devils
Rocky Mountain Roller Girls
Denver, Colorado USA

Rose City Rollers
Rose City Rollers
Portland, Oregon USA

Salt City Derby Girls
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

San Diego Derby Dolls
San Diego, California USA

Sin City Rollergirls
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Space City Roller Girls
Houston, Texas USA

Switchblade Rollers
Clarksville, Tennessee USA

Tampa bay Derby Darlins
Tampa Bay, Florida USA

TC Rollers
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Terminal City Rollergirls
Vancouver, Canada

Texas Roller Girls
Austin Texas USA

Toronto Terrors Roller Derby
Ontario, Canada

Tragic City Rollers
Alabama USA

Tucson Roller Derby
Tucson Roller Derby
Tucson, Arizona USA

Wendy City Rollers
Windy City Rollers
Chicago, Illinois USA

Canadian Rollergirl Teams and Leagues

  • Capital City Rollers (British Columbia)
  • Hamilton Harlots (Hammer City Roller Girls Team)
  • Hammer City Roller Girls (Ontario)
  • Oil City Derby Girls (Alberta)
  • Terminal City Roller Girls (British Columbia)
  • Toronto Terrors Roller Derby (Ontario)

  • No Web Site or Web Site Not Functional

  • Boston Rollergirls (BostonRollergirls.com)
  • Capital City Rollers (Columbus Ohio USA)
  • Cleveland Roller Girls (ClevelandRollergirls.com)
  • Erie Rollergirls (Erie, Pennsylvania)
  • Nevada Roller Girls (NvRollerDerby.com)
  • North Texas Women's Flat Track (NorthTxRollerDerby.com)
  • Pen Rollergirls (Harrisbourg, Pennsylavania)
  • Phoenix Landsharks (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • RocketBetty Bruises are now Long Island Roller Rebels
  • Renegade Rollergirls (RenegadeRollergirls.com)
  • Tulsa Rollergirls (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • Wreckin' Rollers (Chicago - WreckinRollers.com)

  • As of June 2006 the following site was also not functional:

    Dallas Derby Devils
    Dallas Derby Devils
    Dallas Texas USA

    Leagues and Teams That No Longer Exist

    Caymen Rollergirls
    Cayman Roller Girls
    Caymen Islands
    (Web site was CaymanRollerGirls.com)

    See also:
  • US Rollergirls
  • RollerCon
  • RollerCon 100

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    Michael, Kathie, and Glenn in Venice Beach
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