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Chat Live With
World Champion Cecilia Baena
Saturday, February 15, 2003
(Sunday, February 16 in some locations)

Chat Announcement in Spanish
Connect to the PatinCarrera Chat Room

Cecilia Baena
Cecilia Baena

Kathie Fry

Guido Ferraiuolo

Feb 15 or 16
(see table below)

Chat Room at

Photo reprinted with permission from PatinCarrera.com

Guido Ferraiuolo of PatinCarrera.com is hosting a live chat session on Saturday, February 15, 2003 with special guest world inline speed skating champion Cecilia Baena of Colombia. The chat will take place in the PatinCarrera Chat room and chatting will be in both Spanish and English. The chat is scheduled for Saturday February 15 at 2 pm in Bogota, which is 4 pm in Buenos Aires, 5 pm in Rio de Janeiro, 11 am in Los Angeles, 8 pm in Barcelona, and 7 pm in Lisbon. For chat dates and times in many other cities see the table at the end of this announcement.

Log on to the chat by connecting to the PatinCarrera Chat Room. Wait for a few seconds (maybe longer) until the YOUR NAME and YOUR PROFILE fields appear. Enter any nickname in the "Your Name" field and select "CHAT" to enter the chat room (the Profile field is optional). You can use any nickname you like, but it would be helpful if you include something recognizable in the name, for example the country you live in (I will log on as KathieSkateGRRL). You can connect to the chat room any time to test your ability to log on and practice chatting.

Chat Date and Time in Your Area
Look for your nearest city in this table

  • DST means the place is observing daylight saving time
  • Sat means Saturday, February 15, 2003
  • Sun means Sunday, February 16, 2003

    Adelaide (DST) Sun 5:30 AM Harare Sat 9:00 PM Odesa Sat 9:00 PM
    Aden Sat 10:00 PM Havana Sat 2:00 PM Oslo Sat 8:00 PM
    Aklavik Sat Noon Helsinki Sat 9:00 PM Ottawa Sat 2:00 PM
    Algiers Sat 8:00 PM Hong Kong Sun 3:00 AM Paris Sat 8:00 PM
    Amman Sat 9:00 PM Honolulu Sat 9:00 AM Perth Sun 3:00 AM
    Amsterdam Sat 8:00 PM Houston Sat 1:00 PM Philadelphia Sat 2:00 PM
    Anadyr Sun 7:00 AM Indianapolis Sat 2:00 PM Phoenix Sat Noon
    Anchorage Sat 10:00 AM Islamabad Sun Midnight Prague Sat 8:00 PM
    Ankara Sat 9:00 PM Istanbul Sat 9:00 PM Rangoon Sun 1:30 AM
    Antananarivo Sat 10:00 PM Jakarta Sun 2:00 AM Reykjavik Sat 7:00 PM
    Asuncion (DST) Sat 4:00 PM Jerusalem Sat 9:00 PM Rio de Janeiro (DST) Sat 5:00 PM
    Athens Sat 9:00 PM Johannesburg Sat 9:00 PM Riyadh Sat 10:00 PM
    Atlanta Sat 2:00 PM Kabul Sat 11:30 PM Rome Sat 8:00 PM
    Baghdad Sat 10:00 PM Kamchatka Sun 7:00 AM San Francisco Sat 11:00 AM
    Bangkok Sun 2:00 AM Karachi Sun Midnight San Juan Sat 3:00 PM
    Barcelona Sat 8:00 PM Kathmandu Sun 12:45 AM San Salvador Sat 1:00 PM
    Beijing Sun 3:00 AM Khartoum Sat 10:00 PM Santiago (DST) Sat 4:00 PM
    Beirut Sat 9:00 PM Kingston Sat 2:00 PM Santo Domingo Sat 3:00 PM
    Belgrade Sat 8:00 PM Kiritimati Sun 9:00 AM Sao Paulo (DST) Sat 5:00 PM
    Berlin Sat 8:00 PM Kolkata Sun 12:30 AM Seattle Sat 11:00 AM
    Bogota Sat 2:00 PM Kuala Lumpur Sun 3:00 AM Seoul Sun 4:00 AM
    Boston Sat 2:00 PM Kuwait City Sat 10:00 PM Shanghai Sun 3:00 AM
    Brasilia (DST) Sat 5:00 PM Kyiv Sat 9:00 PM Singapore Sun 3:00 AM
    Brisbane Sun 5:00 AM La Paz Sat 3:00 PM Sofia Sat 9:00 PM
    Brussels Sat 8:00 PM Lagos Sat 8:00 PM St. John's Sat 3:30 PM
    Bucharest Sat 9:00 PM Lahore Sun Midnight St. Paul Sat 1:00 PM
    Budapest Sat 8:00 PM Lima at 2:00 PM Stockholm Sat 8:00 PM
    Buenos Aires Sat 4:00 PM Lisbon Sat 7:00 PM Suva Sun 7:00 AM
    Cairo Sat 9:00 PM London Sat 7:00 PM Sydney (DST) Sun 6:00 AM
    Canberra (DST) Sun 6:00 AM Los Angeles Sat 11:00 AM Taipei Sun 3:00 AM
    Cape Town Sat 9:00 PM Madrid Sat 8:00 PM Tallinn Sat 9:00 PM
    Caracas Sat 3:00 PM Managua Sat 1:00 PM Tashkent Sun Midnight
    Casablanca Sat 7:00 PM Manila Sun 3:00 AM Tegucigalpa Sat 1:00 PM
    Chatham Island (DST) Sun 8:45 AM Melbourne (DST) Sun 6:00 AM Tehran Sat 10:30 PM
    Chicago Sat 1:00 PM Mexico City Sat 1:00 PM Tokyo Sun 4:00 AM
    Copenhagen Sat 8:00 PM Minneapolis Sat 1:00 PM Toronto Sat 2:00 PM
    Darwin Sun 4:30 AM Minsk Sat 9:00 PM Vancouver Sat 11:00 AM
    Denver Sat Noon Montevideo Sat 4:00 PM Vienna Sat 8:00 PM
    Detroit Sat 2:00 PM Montgomery Sat 1:00 PM Vladivostok Sun 5:00 AM
    Dhaka Sun 1:00 AM Montreal Sat 2:00 PM Warsaw Sat 8:00 PM
    Dublin Sat 7:00 PM Moscow Sat 10:00 PM Washington DC Sat 2:00 PM
    Edmonton Sat Noon Mumbai Sun 12:30 AM Wellington (DST) Sun 8:00 AM
    Frankfurt Sat 8:00 PM Nairobi Sat 10:00 PM Winnipeg Sat 1:00 PM
    Geneva Sat 8:00 PM Nassau Sat 2:00 PM Zagreb Sat 8:00 PM
    Guatemala Sat 1:00 PM New Delhi Sun 12:30 AM Zürich Sat 8:00 PM
    Halifax Sat 3:00 PM New Orleans Sat 1:00 PM

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