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SkateLog editor Kathie Fry
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Venice Beach
What I Saw Skating in Venice Beach

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Photos of Kathie With Friends

A gallery of photos of skatelog editor Kathie Fry of Venice beach, California.

Harry Perry of Venice Beach Harry Perry's Number One Fan
Here I am with Harry Perry, the most famous skater in Venice Beach, California. Harry made his debut as a street performer and Southern California icon in 1973. Harry and I are each other's biggest fans. Look what is on my shirt in this photo!

Kathie and robin Me With Robin Williams
This photo of me with comedian Robin Williams was taken in La Jolla, California just after Robin finished cycling a biathlon for amputee athletes, an event in which single amputee skater Casey Pieretti was also cycling that day.

? Kuwait Meets Venice Beach in Switzerland
I met Kuwait Roller Sports President Eyad Al-Kharafi for the first time at the 2001 World Downhill Skating Championships in Lausanne Switzerland. This photo was taken in front of Lake Geneva during a trip with FIRS officials to the village of Montreux.

	Fry Inline Skating Swedes Hoisting Me in Mallorca
In April of 2001 I flew to the island of Mallorca, Spain to skate for a week with 40 Swedes from Stockholm. On this day, after quite a few miles of skating, we stopped to rest in a parking lot where this old chair had been discarded. As soon as I sat down, four big, strong, handsome Swedes hoisted me in the air and took this photo.

Kathie Fry Inline Skating My 92 year Old Skating Buddy
Allen MacDonald of Seal Beach, California was 92 years old when this photo was taken. This was just after our fun skating and photo-taking session in a large parking lot at the Leisure World Retirement Community in Southern California. Every week Allen meets with friends for an hour of inline skating.

Me With Skating Federation VIPs
My Meeting With the President of FIRS (RollerSports.org)
Eyad Al-Kharafi, Kuwait Roller Sports

More Photos Me With My Friends
The section below is a work in progress. I am posting
a bunch of photos of me and my friends that use to
be on the About.com inline skating Web site.

- A -
Al-Kharafi, Eyad President of Kuwait Roller Skating Federation
Allen MacDonald (Still skating at Age 92)

- B -
Bavieri, Max Italian Downhill Skater and Event Producer
Blondeau, Jean-Yves Buggy Roller Man, France and Germany
Botero, Jorge Colombian National Speed Team
Brocal Velazquez, Fernando Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Burger, Dan Downhill and Speed Skater

- C -
Chen, Johnny United States Texas Dallas Skater
Christopher Pierre (Tahiti Marathon Organizer)
Chuck Carlberg (Northshore Marathon Organizer)

- D -
Dan Burger (At the 2000 Long Beach Marathon)
Doucet, Peter Canadian Inline Speed Team

- E -
Eddy Matzger, Access to Speed Workshops
Etheredge, Jay Southern California Speed Coach
Eyad Al-Kharafi (Kuwait Roller Sports)

- F -
Fink, Jim United States Speed Skater

- G -
Georgi, Marcel My Gorgeous French Neighbor (and he skates!)
Glassman, Peter United States Speed Skater
Gonzalez, Luis Ledesma Former Cuban Federation President

- H -
Harry Perry (Legendary Venice Beach Skater)
Highstreet, Derek (Photo Soon: bl-lbm-photos-expo-kathie-derek)
Humphrey, Richard, (roller dance video king)

- I -
Isidro Oliveras (President of FIRS)

- J -
Jorge Botero (Colombian World Champion)

- K -
Koshi, Glenn Bont Skates and FunRoll.com

- L -
Lee, Michael USA Southern California Skater (left)

- M -
May, Dirk Leader of the Frankfurt Tuesday Night Skate
McDonald, Allen 92 Year Old Skater
Miles, David (godfather ofskating in San Francisco)

- N -
Nelson, Jordan United States National Speed Team
Newman, Larry (Photo Soon: bl-lbm-photos-expo-kathie-larry)

- O -
O'Connor, James Australian Aggressive Skater and Webmaster
Oliveras, Isidro International Roller Sports Federation President

- P -
Parcells, Dave CDS Detroit, Michigan, USA
Perry, Harry Legendary Venice Beach Skater
Pierre, Christopher, Tahiti Marathon Organizer
Prescott, Joe< (Photo coming soon)
Presti, Massimiliano World Class Italian Speed Skater
Postovoit, Rosie USA Southern California Speed Skater (center)

- R -

Robin Williams (Actor and Comedian)

- S -
Saunders, Gordon United States Instructor and Speed Skater

- T -
Tyson, Bob Canadian Speed Skater (photo coming soon)

- W -
Wassberg, Joakim Swedish Skater from Gotland Island
Watson, Glenn New Zealand Skater and Webmaster (right)

Me with Groups:
Four Swedes Hoisting Me in Mallorca
Me With the Gang From Heelys
Me With Skaters from Tucson Arizona
Me With Skaters from Tucson Arizona
Me With Cuban Skaters at the Cienfuegos Track
Me With Cuban Skaters in Downtown Havana

Me Skating:
Before Skating the Los Angeles Marathon
Having a Lesson in Santa Monica
Showing Off in Venice Beach
Showing Off in Santa Monica
Kathie's Halloween Costume About.com
Kathie's New Street Flyers (photo coming soon)
First Day on Trail Skates (photo coming soon)
My First Day on 5 Wheel Speed Skates
Skating Monterey California 17 Mile Drive
Waiting for a Bus in Stockholm
At 2001 "Skate Like Hell" in California

More Photos:
Me With Comedian Robin Williams
Me With an Olympic Volleyball Champion
SCUBA Diving Off Catalina Island in California
Sea Kayaking in Monterey Bay in California
Portrait (Close-Up) Photos of Me
What's On Top of My Computer (Home)
What's On Top of My Computer (Office)
Kathie's Hawaiian Fishing Boat Sister
Kathie's Canadian Dance Company Sister

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Michael, Kathie, and Glenn in Venice Beach
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Michael, Kathie, and Glenn in Venice Beach
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