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KC and Chad Visit a Speed Practice
May 8, 2003 in Orange, California

Olympic ice speed skating champion KC Boutiette and 50-time world gold medal winner Chad Hedrick made a surprise visit to one of the local speed practices in Orange County California in May of 2003. Here is the reaction of one of the local skaters who attended that practice session.

KC Boutiette in California
KC Boutiette at the Head of the Pack
Copyright © Roger Olson

by Roger Olson

Chad Hedrick and KC Boutiette sure added to the excitement of our speed practice on Thursday, May 8, 2003. They were both on the BIG wheels. Chad skated on four 100 mm wheels and KC skated on three 100 mm wheels and one 84 mm wheel. Boy did they fly!

Ryan Cox and Troy Atwell were the fastest skaters that night and they played with each other. Then KC would get into the mix and with all of his power from ice speed skating he would take the lead. Jon Elliot, Scott Wolf and Philip Mullin rounded out the fast group that were mixing it up with KC and Chad.

Yes it was quite a sight to watch those amazing skaters race and pass each other at the speed of light. They showed us all just how this indoor short track skating is suppose to be done. Chad took off his skates early, while KC continued the workout. While he was cooling down and focusing on his technique, he skated maybe 10-15 laps more with some young skaters who got in behind his draft. Most of those kids did not even realize how lucky they were to be skating with an Olympian Champion like KC Boutiette.

About Chad and KC... well what can I say... they are awesome skaters!

KC Boutiette
KC is not a short track skater because his commitment is to long track ice skating. He has been doing great in ice long track since he switched over from inline skating 10 years ago. He has made it onto the last 3 Olympic Ice Speed Skating Teams and he has been doing very well. This last season at the World Championshipos he placed 6th in the 5000 meter and he is getting better each year.

Chad Hedrick
Chad is the MAN of inline indoor short track, outdoor inline road skating, and now long track ice skating too. He and KC trained and raced together throughout this last season. Chad, with only 4 months of long track ice experience, had a most rewarding season placing 5th at the World Championshiops just ahead of KC. That is incredible to say the least. Chad is moving to Salt Lake in August of 2003 because he has qualified for the U.S. long track team, and he and KC will be aiming for the next Olympics.

I am always thrilled to be in the presence of my heroes and I felt very lucky to have them come and skate with me... an "Old Guy" who loves the sport of inline racing and all of the "TRULY" wonderful people we meet in our pursuit of the "GAME".

Article and Photos Copyright © by Roger Olson

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