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Christmas Skating in Southern California
A December 2004 Article by Roger Olson

On December 11, 2004 Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and two of Santa's reindeer joined the Huntington Beach Fun Roll in Southern California for a Christmas skate that began in Huntington Beach, rolled through Newport Beach, and ended on Balboa Island. This photo was taken in front of the main channel in Balboa Harbor.

Christmas Skaters at Balboa Harbor
Copyright © Roger Olson

by Roger Olson

Skating Santa Sighting in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Balboa Island last Saturday. Yes it is true, Skating Santa, Mrs. Claus, Blitzen, Vixen were taking a break from the bitter cold of the North Pole to join the HB Fun Roll Skaters. They all skated down the beach boardwalks bringing cheer to all they met. Children came a running to see skating Santa and his rolling party. Santa!!! Santa!!! Was what they were yelling and then their wish list. Santa would say, "You have been very good this year so I will see what I can do." Blitzen & Vixen were handing out candy canes to the children and their adult kids (parents) as part of spreading the joy of the season. Then after they would take pictures of them and Skating Santa, the Reindeer and Mrs. Claus, Santa waved good bye wishing them a Merry Christmas as they continued on their journey to spread the Joy. Volleyball games stopped, waved and yelled to the rolling parade with joy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, they continued to roll to Newport Beach Pier. Now at the pier there were many more people for the Santa Parade to play with, putting smiles upon their faces. More candy, more pictures, more wish lists then off they skated south. The Southern California weather was extraordinarily nice that day, very sunny with temperatures go to low 80's and boy was Mrs. Claus, the Reindeer and Santa very happy to enjoy that. Balboa Pier and the Jetty was more of the same except while skating on the roads to the Jetty cars passing by would be blowing their horns loudly, rolling down the windows hanging out, waving and yelling to Santa's Parade. Oh yes, Santa's Parade of well wishers was quite safe while skating in the streets and actually helped a couple of guys cross a very busy street as they were heading to the beach to chip some balls with their sand wedges. Yes, cars STOP for Santa and let all that are with pass by in safety. The returning route took them through Balboa Fun Zone and we are now sure just who was having more fun, locals, visitors or Santa and his Helpers. We can say everyone was smiling that was for sure as Santa's group departed. Next up was a resident, woman, sitting on her front porch with her back to the street enjoying a cup of coffee, reading the paper in the warmth of the sun. Santa whispered and motioned to Blitzen "Let's go up and sit down." So they did, startling the woman, for she surely was not expecting Santa, Reindeer and Mrs. Claus to drop in for coffee that morning. She could not believe her eyes and keeping laughing at such a site upon her front deck, at her table with her that morning. Giving her candy canes, wishing her a Merry Christmas, then off they rolled. Santa could still hear her laughing as they rolled out of sight and wondered just who would believe her telling of just what happened that morning. "You won't believe what happened this morning on my deck while I was having coffee." Well, would you? You would probably be thinking of calling those men in white coats.

Returning through Newport Beach Pier area and shops horns were blowing, children and adults were smiling and yelling Santa. As Biltzson, Vixen and Mrs. Claus rolled by the Newport Brewery Bar, customers sitting in the open windows enjoying a cold one looking out to the beach could not believe their eyes and started cheering. Santa was 40 ft behind a when he rolled in sight the bar customers WENT CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY with Jo , Santa waving back to them while skating on 1 foot so he could face them as he rolled out of sight. The sight of Santa and group had sparked the Bar crowd totally so Santa sent Blitzen, Vixen and Mrs. Claus back to the windows to start working the crowd, then Santa rolled up, customers were literally hanging out the windows to high five Santa. As Santa was giving high fives to them, the customers inside the bar were totally out of control screaming for the guy in Red, SANTA. So in skated Santa, giving high fives to customers on both sides of the isle, everyone was elated to have Skating Santa spreading the JOY to young and old patrons alike. You could just barely hear Santa yelling over the roar of the crowd, "LET'S PARTY!!!!!" Then out Santa rolled to join Mrs. Claus, Blitzen and Vixen and wishing everyone the Merriest of Christmas's. I think the bar folks were way ahead at spreading some Holiday Cheer that day. Oh the Bar Stories will be flying. Actually, Blitzen was telling some customers at the windows, "I not going to get him, I had to drag him out of a bar last night."

Skating onward they all rolled giving candy out, posing for pictures, taking requests for gift to be left under the tree for Christmas morning. Surfer dudets and dudes all request new boards and giving shockas to Santa. Kids would come running with families in tow, people up on balconies were yelling, cheering down to Santa's rolling Party. Joggers, beach walkers, cyclists, life guards, park rangers, beach workers, shop owners, homeless and HB 's finest, police all were touched by the holiday spirit that day.

As Santa's group getting back closer to HB Pier Santa noticed two FINE looking young girls walking with a guy friend and asked, "Have you girls been good?" The Blonde said, "No I've been BAD!" To which Santa's reply was, "I will HAVE to talk with you later little girl." She laughed as Santa skated out of sight. Back at HB Pier to joy continued with many approaching Santa's Party to wish a Merry Christmas and, "Are You Real Santa?" Santa would said, "Yes, go ahead and pinch me." Some children actually did just that to find out, yes, Santa was real. As Santa and the group were leaving, Santa again noticed those same two FINE looking young girls walking on the beach and said so they could hear him, " There is that NAUGHTY little girl." Oh how she was trying to hold back her smile and laughter but just couldn't.

You could hear," Merry Christmas to ALL", as they rolled out of sight. Yes indeed, Joy was spread throughout the beaches that day thanks to Biltzson, Vixen, Mrs., Claus, Santa's helpers, the HB Fun Roll Gang and of course the JOLLY OLD GUY in the RED SUIT, SANTA CLAUS himself.

Article and Photo Copyright © by Roger Olson

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