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How to Heat Mold Speed Skate Boots

Instructions for improving the fit of a pair of speed skates by heating them up and molding them to fit your feet perfectly.

How Does Heat Molding Work?
There are some carbon fiber boots that can be warmed until the boot is somewhat pliable. When the boot material is in this state, you can push a painful area of the boot away from your foot, or reform the entire boot to more closely match the shape of your foot.

Contact Your Boot Maker First
Before you try heat molding your boots, you need to make sure you have the type of boots that can be heat molded. The best way to find out is to ask the manufacturer. It is very important to check, because if you warm up boots that are not heat moldable, you can destroy them.

Questions to Ask Your Boot Manufacturer

  • Ask whether or not your boots are heat moldable. (be prepared to provide the boot model, the approximate month and year you purchased the boot, and whether the boot is custom, semi-custom, or off-the-shelf)

  • Describe the problem you are having with your boot, and ask the manufacturer if the discomfort you are feeling could possibly be relieved by by adjusting the position of the frame, or by changing your skating technique.

  • Ask the manufacturer if they recommend that you skate in the boots for a period of time, to allow the natural heat of your body to mold the boots to your feet over time (sometimes this will happen).

  • If the skate manufacturer recommends that you try heat molding your boots, ask if the heating instructions in this document are safe and appropriate for their boots.
What NOT to Do

  • Do not use a heat gun to warm the boots, because it will get too hot. It can burn the boot material or start a fire.

  • Do not put your boots in a plastic bag and boil them. It will change the entire shape of the boot.

  • We do not recommend heating your boots in the oven, because it can change the basic shape of the boot, but several boot manufacturers do recommend this method. If you decide to try oven-heating your boots YOU MUST REMOVE THE WHEELS FIRST.

  • Make sure you only heat the carbon fiber portion of the boot. Other materials, like velcro closures, will melt very quickly if you heat them.
Heat Molding Instructions

  1. We recommend using a hand-held hair dryer for heat molding, because it will not heat the entire boot, causing it to lose its shape.

  2. Work on one part of the boot at a time.

  3. Leave the frame on your boot. This will help to prevent the boot from distorting when it is heated.

  4. Since you are not heating your boots in the oven, you can leave the wheels on the frame. You want to leave the wheels on, because after the boots are warmed, you will put them on and stand in them.

  5. VERY IMPORTANT: Loosen the laces on the boots, and spread both sides of the skate as far apart as you can. Pull the tongue out of the boot all the way. You want hot air to flow freely out of the boot, so the hair dryer will not overheat and shut down.

  6. Set the hair dryer to high heat, and place it inside the boot, pointing in the direction of the area you want to modify. (High heat has worked for people using these instructions in the past, with hair dryers ranging from 1200 to 1500 watts. Use caution with higher wattage hair dryers).

  7. Turn the hair dryer on, and set a timer for 10 minutes.

  8. Leave the hair dryer and the boot alone for 10 minutes. (Many skate manufacturers will tell you to keep the hair dryer moving, and to heat both the inside and the outside of the boot. This part of the process may depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Follow your boot maker's instructions.)

    1. While you are waiting for the boots to heat, prepare your feet for the molding process:

    2. If you need to push the boot away from your foot, use Mole Foam to build up a padded layer on the part of your foot that is feeling pressure from the boot (Mole Foam is a Dr. Scholl product similar to Mole Skin, but it is thicker, because it has a layer of foam).

  9. Prepare your foot for skating, the way you normally do. If you usually wrap your foot with athletic tape before you skate, do it now too. Wear the same socks you normally wear to skate.

  10. After your boot has heated for 10 minutes, quickly put it on your prepared foot, and lace and tie the boot as tight as you possibly can, without damaging the boot or your foot.

  11. Stand firmly in your boot until it has completely cooled. Some people like to speed up the cooling process by applying an ice pack to the warm part of the boot (a bag of frozen peas or corn will also work nicely for this).

  12. You may need to heat mold your boots more than once to get the best fit, because heated boots cool rather quickly. Remold the boots as many times as necessary to make them fit well and feel comfortable on your feet.

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