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Who's Who in Speed Roller Skating
Inline and Quad Speed Skating

Top speed skaters from the past and present, world class coaches, skating federation officials, race directors, big names in the skating industry, important people behind the scenes, and other VIPs in the the history of inline speed skating and quad roller speed skating. The people highlighted in dark blue have photo at SkateLog.com, either because I took their picture myself or because someone sent me a photo (see instructions at the bottom of this page for sending a photo).

- A -
Aaron Arndt (CA)
Adrian Kung (CH)
Alain Negre
Al Kaiser (US)
Alberta Vianello (IT)
Alejandro Martinez Osorio (CU)
Alessandra Susmeli (IT)
Alexander Bont (AU)
Alice Eads (US)
Allen Macdonald (US)
Andrea Gonzalez (AR)
Andrea Haritchelhar (AR)
Andrea Zanetti (IT)
Andreas Andruleit (DE)
Angela Dooley (US)
Angele Vaudan (FR)
Ana Maria Rodriguez (CO)
Anne Gaelle Cherdel (FR)
Anne Krieg (DE)
Annie Lambrechts (BE)
Annie Lambrehts (BE)
Anthony Rondel (FR)
Apolo Anton Ohno (US)
Arjan Smit (NL)
Arnaud Gicquel (FR)
Ashley Horgan (US)

- B -
Barbara Fischer (DE)
Barry Deese (US)
Barrie Hartman (US)
Barry Publow (CA)
Benoit Perthuis (FR)
Beth Tucker (US)
Bill Begg (NZ)
Bob Byerly (US)
Bob Trosky (US)
Bobby Kaiser (US)
Bjorg Eva Jensen (NO)
Brigitte Mendez (CO)
Britta Vantournhout (BE)
Brittany Bowe (US)
Buggy Allmond (US)

- C -
Callye Dannheim (US)
Carmelo Paniagua (ES)
Carolina Santibnez (CL)
Caroline Lagree (FR)
Cecilia Baena (CO)
Cecilia Nadin (IT)
Celine Weiss
Chad Hedrick (US)
Charles Wahlig (US)
Charles Lucas (US)
Cheryl Begg (NZ)
Cheryl Ezell (US)
Chloe Ronaldson (UK)
Chrissy Brown (US)
Christoph Luginbuehl (CH)
Christophe Audoire (FR)
Christophe Evart (FR)
Christopher Keiser (US)
Chuck Merrill (US)
Claus Hechmann (DK)
Clay Warren (US)
Coni Altherr (CH)
Curt Labeda (US)

- D -
Dan Burger (US)
Dan Whitaker (US)
Dana Eads (US)
Dane Lewis (US)
Dani Lewis (US)
Danny Kelly (UK)
Dante Muse (US)
Darlene Kissenger (US)
Dave Cooper (US)
Dave Lewis (US)
David Downing (US)
Dean Huffman (US)
Dean James (US)
Dean Burke (US)
Dean Wood (US)
Deanna Parker (US)
Dennis King (US)
Dennis Stafford (UK)
Derek Parra (US)
Derrick Downing (US)
Diego Rosero (CO)
Desly Hill (AU)
Dimitri Deboel (BE)
Don Rogers (US)
Donnie Van Patter (US)
Doug Glass (US)

- E -
Ed Wachter (US)
Eddy Matzger (US)
Eric Luca (BE)
Erik Jan Spijkerman (NL)
Erik Vea (NO)
Erika Zanetti (IT)
Erin Di Julio (US)

- F -
Fabio Marangoni (IT)
Fran Farrell (US)
Fran McFate (US)
Frank Fedel (US)
Franck Cardin (FR)
Franziska Stampfli (CH)

- G -
Gary Ryan (AU)
Glenn Koshi (US)
George Merkert (US)
Grady Merrill (US)
Gregory Duggento (IT)
Guido Ferraiuolo (AR)
Guillermo González (CO)
Guiseppe Canteralla (IT)
Guiseppe Cruciani (IT)
Guiseppe De Persio (IT)
Guisseppe De Persio (IT)
Guy Diaz (CU)
Guy Praud (FR)

- H -
Heather Gunnin Elliott (US)
Heather Lacayo (US)
Henry Zuver (US)
Herb Gayle (CA)
Hernan Diaz (CO)
Hilde Goovaerts (BE)

- I -
Ippolito Sanfratello (IT)
Isidro Oliveras (ES)

- J -
Jacob Csizmadia (DK)
Jan Porter (US)
Jason Deese (US)
Jay Etheredge (US)
Jay Ingram (US)
Jeff Dowling (US)
Jeff Foster (US)
Jennifer Boschmann (US)
Jennifer Rodriguez (US)
Jessica Smith (US)
Jim Larson (US)
Jimmy Weiderhold (US)
Jody Peeden (US)
Joe Cotter (US)
Johan Hamas (SE)
John Folley (UK)
John Fry I (UK)
John Fry II (UK)
John Fry III (UK)
John Gustafson (US)
John Toy (UK)
Jon Elliot (US)
Jonathan Seutter (US)
Jonathan Webster (US)
Joe Keenan (US)
Joey Mantia (US)
John Silker (US)
Jordan Malone (US)
Jorge Boterom (CO)
Jose Guzman (CL)
Josette Lambrehts (BE)
Josh Wood (US)
Juan Carlos Betancur (CO)
Julie Brandt Glass (US)

- K -
Kalon Dobbin (NZ)
Karin Verhoef (NL)
KC Boutiette (US)
Keith Turner (US)
Kelly Martinez (CO)
Kendra Hudson (US)
Kenji Takai (JP)
Kenny Derrick (US)
Kent Baake (US)
Kimberly Ames (US)
Kim Turner (US)
Kimberly Derrick (US)

- L -
Lars Thomsen (DK)
Laura Lombardo (IT)
Lauri Dowling (US)
Lauri Paalasmaa (FI)
Leo Eason (UK)
Leon Flack (UK)
Leon Francis Goodchild (UK)
Lieve Lissens (BE)
Lin Peterson (US)
Linda Wood (US)
Lisa Smith (UK)
Lou Alcorn (US)
Luca Presti (IT)
Luis Carlos Mejia (CO)
Luis Ledesma Gonzalez (CU)

- M -
Maggie Almond (US)
Malory Pracale (US)
Mandi Howard (US)
Marc Decraemer (BE)
Marcela Caceres
Marcel Oosten (NL)
Marcella Munoz (CO)
Marcia Yager (US)
Marisa Canafoglia
Martin Escobar (AR)
Mary Merrill (US)
Massimiliani Presti (IT)
Mauro Guenci (IT)
Matthias Knoll (DE)
Melanie Bayerhof
Melanie Knopf
Michael Byrne
Michael McGeough (UK)
Michaela Neuling

- N -
Nadine Gloor (CH)
Nathalie Barbotin (FR)
Nicholas Iten (CH)
Nicky Grande (US)
Nicole Begg (NZ)
Nikki Diamontopolus (US)
Nirobi Good (US)
Nuria Torres (ES)

- P -
Pascal Briand (FR)
Patricia Harris (UK)
Paul DiJulio (US)
Paul Hedrick (US)
Peggy Girgenti (US)
Pepita Cuevas (BE)
Pete Snell (US)
Peter Currell (AU)
Peter Doucet (CA)
Pia Knecht,/a> (CH)
Pier Davide Romani (IT)

- R -
Renee Hildebrand (US)
Ricardo Grin (AR)
Rick Porter (US)
Robb Dunn (US)
Robert Schmunk (US)
Roberto Marotta (IT)
Rohan Harlow (UK)
Roland Deroo (BE)

- S -
Sandra Gomez (ES)
Sandy Snakenberg (US)
Sara Bont (AU)
Scott Hiatt (US)
Sebastian Baumgartner (DE)
Shane Dobbin (NZ)
Shannell Wooding (NZ)
Shaun Thompson (AU)
Sheila Herrero (ES)
Sigried Salinas (CL)
Skip Peterson (US)
Spanky Hawkins (US)
Stephanie Ghermandi
Stephen Whitey (US)
Steven Carter (US)
Stijn van Hove (BE)
Subodh Patil (IN)
Susan Currell (AU)
Sutton Atkins (UK)

- T -
Tatia Wallace (CA)
Tammy Foster (US)
Theresa Cliff Ryan (US)
Tom Peterson (US)
Tomi Wuethrich
Tony Marriott (UK)
Tony Muse (US)
Tristan Loy (FR)

- U -
Uwe Brockmann

- V -
Valerie Gaston (CA)
Valerie Zuver (US)
Vanessa Derous (BE)
Vanessa Samanes (ES)
Vicci King (US)

- W -
Wayne Begg (NZ)
Wendy Vallons (BE)
Willie Raes (BE)
Wouter Hebbrecht (BE)

Who Qualifies for this List
This list is not based on popularity, or who did good things vs. bad things for speed skating. It is a list of the most well-known national and international personalities in quad and inline speed roller skating from the past and present. The list includes skaters, coaches, judges, industry leaders, media people, and anyone else who managed to become famous (or infamous) in the world of speed roller skating. When this list gets too large for one page it will be broken down several different ways into sub-pages such as (a) twenty-six alphabetical pages (b) a page for each country, (c) special pages for judges, coaches, industry people, etc.

How to Nominate Someone for the List
If you think anyone should be added to this list, send that person's name, country, background, and the reason they should be included on the list to kathiefry@skatelog.com. If you have a very high quality photo (preferably a professional looking head shot) please also send it to me, along with permission to reprint the photo on my Web site. You can also send photos and information via postal service to Kathie Fry, PO Box 12320, Venice Beach, California 90295.

You Can Help Build a History of Speed Skating
Right now I am in the process of building this list, and next I will build a special page for each person who is included. If you can send me one or more really good quality photos of any of these people, or any information about their history and background (birth date, birth place, special achievements etc) I will give high priority to creating a new profile page for that person.

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