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Skate Wheel Rotation Strategy #2

A Precise and Complicated Method

The conventional skate wheel rotation strategy is not always the best one to use, because different people wear out their wheels in different ways, and sometimes those differences are dramatic. Here is a more precise (and much more time-consuming) method:
  1. Examine Your Wheels
    While the wheels are still on the skates, examine them to determine which wheels are the smallest (most worn) and which are the largest (least worn). Look at each wheel to determine which edge - inside or outside - is wearing down the fastest.

  2. Make a Record
    While the wheels are still on the skates, (A) make a record of which wheels are the largest and which are the smallest, and (B) record which side of each wheel is worn down the most. Do this separately for each skate, so you will know exactly how you tend to wear out your wheels. You can use our Skate Wheel Rotation Worksheet to record this information. If, during the rotation process, you want to keep track of which wheel came from which position, you can mark each one with a pen, or apply a piece of masking tape to each wheel, and mark the tape with a pen.

  3. Remove Wheels From Skates
    For instructions, see Replacing Inline Skate Wheels. OPTIONAL: If you want to keep very precise records, you can measure diameter of each wheel with calipers as you remove it from the skate. This is completely optional, and not at all necessary, but if you want to do it, there is a space on our printer friendly Skate Wheel Rotation Worksheet for recording this information.

  4. Line Up Wheels by Size
    Stand the wheels up on their sides, and line them up from smallest to largest. Sometimes I use calipers to measure the wheels, because they help me see, very quickly, which of two wheels is larger.

  5. Set Aside the 4 Largest Wheels
    The 4 largest wheels should be put in the front and back positions on each skate. This will give you the most stability and the longest possible wheel base.

  6. Reverse the Wear Pattern on the Other Wheels
    Your strategy for replacing the remaining wheels, should be to reverse the wear pattern for each wheel. Look at your Skate Wheel Rotation Worksheet to determine which wheel positions (not counting the front and back) had the largest wheels. Put the smallest wheels in those positions.

  7. Reverse the Inside/Outside Wear Pattern
    Look at the records you made before removing your wheels, to see which side of each wheel, in each position, was the most worn down. You want to reverse this wear pattern when you replace your wheels. If you are wearing out the inside edge of a wheel in a particular position, you should flip the wheel in that position so the worn-down side is facing out.

  8. Put the Wheels Back on Your Skates
    For instructions, see Replacing Inline Skate Wheels

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