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2004 Artistic Roller Skating World Championships
Photos by Skater
A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - P - R - S - T - V - W - X - Y

International skaters who will participate in the 2004 Artistic Roller Skating world Championships November 17-28, 2004 at the Fresno Convention Center in California, United States, organized by skater's first name.

- A -
Adrian Baturin (Argentina)
Adrien Vignon (France)
Alba Perez Rifa (Spain)
Albert Trilla Aguilar (Spain)
Alejandro Hermida (Argentina)
Amanda Holmes (United States)
Amy Tyrrell (New Zealand)
Andrea Barbiera (Italy)
Andrea Barbieri (Italy)
Andres Victor Alvarado (Argentina)
Anna Carwell-Cooke (New Zealand)
Annabel Rode (Germany)
Anthony Murray (United Kingdom)
Anthony Peck (United States)
Ashley Peck (United States)
Aubrey Orcutt (United States)
Autumn Kuwahara (United States)

- B -
Beatriz Bueno Novaes (Brazil)
Brooke Fries (United States)
Bruna Santos (Brazil)
Bryan Lloyd-Jones (Australia)

- C -
Caitlyn Botica (Australia)
Carina Storkey (United Kingdom)
Carles Gasset Paris (Spain)
Carros J. Urguia (Argentina)
Celeste Rodriguez Gylliam (Argentina)
Che-Cheng Hsu (Chinese Taipei)
Chia-Chen Yeh (Chinese Taipei)
Chia-Hsiang Yang (Chinese Taipei)
Chia-Sheng Chien (Chinese Taipei)
Chieh Ming (Chinese Taipei)
Chiung-Wen Chang (Chinese Taipei)
Christian Stohrer (Switzerland)
Christopher Fairman (United States)
Constance Hossfeld (Germany)
Courtney Donovan (United States)
Cristina Giulianini (Italy)

- D -
Daniel Alberto Arriola (Argentina)
Daniel Muller (Germany)
Daniela Rodas (Argentina)
David Jacques (United States)
David Parker (United States)
Davine Profita (Italy)
Derek Leonard (United States)
Diana Ribeiro (Portugal)
Dianne Deihl (New Zealand)
Diego Alencar Costa Dores (Brazil)
Diego Duque (Colombia)
Dominique Frei (Switzerland)
Donavan Thomas (United States)
Dutch Diamonds Team (Netherlands)

- E -
Edrick Stewart (United States)
Elenora Roma (Italy)
Elias Vicente Alcover (Argentina)
Elisa Facciotti (Italy)
Elisandro D. Bel (Argentina)
Elizabeth Kirby (United States)
Emma Gaffney (United Kingdom)
Enrica Gasparini (Italy)
Enrique Demata (Argentina)
Eugene Tirados (Australia)

- F -
Fabienne Bachmann (Switzerland)
Favio Sisterna (Argentina)
Federico Degli Esposti (Italy) 2004 WORLD CHAMPION
Flavio Alexandre Francisco (Brazil)
Francesca Ciani Passeri (Italy)
Francois Cattoire (France)
Frank Albiez (Germany)

- G -
Gabriele Gasparini (Italy)
Genevieve Mercer (New Zealand)
Gia Grandi Italy (Italy)
Giovanni Dallarda (Italy)
Grant Schnell (United States)
Guillaume Wattre (France)
Guillermo Sansores Gonzalez (Mexico)
Gustavo Casado (Brazil)

- H -
Heather Menard (United States)
Ho-Ting Chang (Chinese Taipei)
Hsiao-Chu Wang (Chinese Taipei)

- I -
Ilenia Baldisser (Italy)
Irene Nardo (Italy)

- J -
Jason Nelson (United States)
Jenna Guest (United Kingdom)
Jennifer Nelson Milton (United States)
Jenny Nisi (Australia)
Jerome Van Der Bank (United States)
Jessica Gonzalez Ramirez (Cuba)
Jessica J. Cecchino (Argentina)
Jordan Uriel Segovia (Argentina)
Jose Deschamps Guanche (Cuba)
Jose Rodriguez Gylliam (Argentina)
Joshua Rhoads (United States)
Joshua Suetterlein (United States)
Juliana Nanclares (Colombia)
Julie Locke (United States)

- K -
Kailah Macri (Canada)
Kairy Suriel (Dominican Republic)
Karen Christine Magro Pereira (Brazil)
Karen Clough (Australia)
Katharina Steinkamp (Germany)
Kathleen Montgomery (Canada)
Kathryn Kimura (United States)
Katie Beth Lodge (United Kingdom)
Kayla Hadley (United States)
Kristen Slade (Australia)
Kyle Turley (United States)

- L -
Lars Clad (Germany)
Laura Catalina Zapata (Colombia)
Laura Restrepo (Colombia)
Laura Sanchez Garcia (Spain)
Lauren Backrack (Australia)
Lawrence Dinneen (Australia)
Lazaro Alvarez Rodriguez (Cuba)
Leo Plisco (Croatia)
Li-Shi Chen (Chinese Taipei)
Lindsay Mann (United States)
Lisa Curtis (Australia)
Lison Bolt (United States)
Logan Boggs
Lorenzo Ronci (Italy)
Luca D'Alisera (Italy) 2004 WORLD CHAMPION
Lucija Mlinaric (Slovenia)
Luis Hector De Mattia (Argentina)
Luis Ledesma (Argentina)

- M -
Manel Perez Marin (Spain)
Manuel Bordignon (Italy)
Marcel Ruschel Sturmer (Brazil)
Marco Bornati (Italy) 2004 WORLD CHAMPION
Marco Contreras (Germany)
Maria Edith Cruogloio (Argentina)
Maria Gabriela Alos (Argentina)
Maria Ines Gutierrez (Argentina)
Maria e Albertarelli (Argentina)
Mariangeles Mantuano Martin (Argentina)
Marika Zanforlin (Italy) 2004 WORLD CHAMPION
Marina Hernandez (United States)
Marine Portet (France)
Matteo Guarise (Italy)
Matthew Finlay (United States)
Mauricio Jaramillo (Colombia)
Mayra Maziero Ramos (Brazil)
Megan Tonkin (Australia)
Meghan Burt (United States)
Melina S. Alguibay (Argentina)
Melisa Marcon (Argentina)
Melissa Conin De Candido (Italy)
Miguel De Jesus Estrella (Dominican Republic)
Mirko Pontello (Italy)
Monica Coffele (Italy) 2004 WORLD CHAMPION
Monica Gimeno Coma (Spain)

- N -
Nadia Zaccaria (Australia)
Nathalie Heinz (Germany) 2004 WORLD CHAMPION
Neil Emms (United Kingdom)
Nicolas Loader (United Kingdom)
Nika Argon (Slovenia)
Nina Zollner (Germany)
Noemi Marcel Coronel (Argentina)

- P -
Pablo Javier Cal (Argentina)
Patricia Stolzenberg (Germany)
Patrick Friede (Germany)
Phillipa Wan (Australia)
Pietro Mazzetti (Italy)
Po-Chun Lien (Chinese Taipei)
Priscillia Brunet (France)
Purdy Rawlinson (Australia)

- R -
Rachel Tonkin (Australia)
Raphael Egli (Switzerland)
Remi Goji (Japan)
Richard Williams (United States)
Rieko Iwakata (Japan)
Robert Hines (United States)
Roberta Balluchi (Italy)
Roberto Riva (Italy)
Robyn Orford (United Kingdom)
Rolando Bravo Guerra (Cuba)
Romina Del Grosso (Argentina)
Rolling '90 Team (Netherlands)

- S -
Sabrina Napoli (Argentina)
Sara Venerucci (Italy)
Sara-Jane Jones (New Zealand)
Sarah Baldwin (United States)
Sean Arisco (United States)
Sharyn Lincoln (United States)
Shauna McCullough (United States)
Silvia Marangoni
Sonia Traversa (Italy)
Stefanie Lell (Germany)

- T -
Tamara Valderrama Santome (Spain)
Tamera Russell (Australia)
Tanja Baensch (Germany)
Tanja Romano (Italy) 2004 WORLD CHAMPION
Teja Rus (Slovenia)
Toni Werner (Germany)
Tracey Wilson (United States)
Tyjuan Kirby (United States)
Tzu-Hsia Weng (Chinese Taipei)

- V -
Veronica Natalia Lopez (Argentina)
Vienna McMahon (United Kingdom)

- W -
Wan-Ning Lee (Chinese Taipei)
Wei-Chi Wang (Chinese Taipei)

- X -
Ximena Garcia Acosta (Mexico)
Ximena Soledad Rinaldoni (Argentina)

- Y -
Yamarys Delgado Pena (Cuba)
Yazmin Caamal Acosta (Mexico)
Yi-An Lu (Chinese Taipei)
Yi-Ting Fang (Chinese Taipei)
Yisel Rodriguez Ortiz (Cuba)
Yu-Ting Qiu (Chinese Taipei)
Yu-Tong Chen (Chinese Taipei)
Yuri Matsumoto (Japan)

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