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2004 X Games Music Schedule
August 5-8, 2004 in Los Angeles

X Fest at STAPLES Center Features Live Music Every Day of X Games

Los Angeles, Calif. - ESPN X Games X, the premier action sports competition, introduces X Fest - the world's largest interactive action sports themed festival featuring more than 200,000 square feet of non-stop entertainment. X Fest, part of the main X Games competition venue at the STAPLES Center, will include live concerts every day featuring some of the hottest bands hitting the airwaves and summer tour circuit including G Love, Ozomatli and more. X Fest admission is included with all indoor STAPLES Center arena tickets purchased, or can be purchased separately for just $5. All ticket information for X Games and X Fest events can be found at TicketMaster.com

Thursday, August 5, 2004

1:15 pm - Wylde Bunch
Back before the Wylde Bunch was a 14-member band mixing hip-hop and rock, R&B and pop ? really, whatever they can fit into their tight arrangements ? they were a group of school friends in South Central Los Angeles noted for their antics and energy. "People were calling us 'the Wild Bunch,' because we were like that, kind of wild," laughs Yung Dame, one of the group's four MCs. They played in the school marching and jazz bands, and jammed in their free time. This lasted past graduation, the group of friends coalescing into a real band that played whenever it could. That attitude, and the resulting electrifying live shows, has resonated with a broad range of fans. The band's Columbia Records debut - Wylde Times At Washington High - will be released on July 27th. The Wylde Bunch is also one of the featured artists on the upcoming Rock The Vote Tour beginning in August.

4:00 pm - Ozomatli
Plenty of artists sing about revolution, but Ozomatli is one band to count on to man the barricades itself. The Los Angeles collective's borderless sound is designed to bridge various cultures via dance music, and on previous albums, the band has already explored an exciting mix of rock en espanol, hip-hop, jazz, funk, salsa, reggae and Tejano. Street Signs, the band's first full-length studio album in three years, bears a new Middle Eastern influence out in typical Ozo style, by mixing it into their trademark blend of hip-hop and Latin styles. Street Sign's body-moving urban globe-trots were encouraged by Ozo's new label, Concord Records, who gave them creative freedom to follow their songs wherever they went. Street Signs is both a mature testament to the band's nearly decade-long evolution and a fresh, dance floor-rocking reminder of their commitment to creating original music in the face of industry conservatism.

4:45 pm - Sons Of You
Established in 1995, the five-piece rock band who make up Sons of You hail from Miami Beach, Fla., but are from over the world? Italy, France, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Over the year 2000, the band continued building their fan base in South Florida, while also focusing on bringing their sound to a larger audience. In 2001, the album Spiel was recorded and distributed in the indie market and was very well received. Since their relocation to the west coast in 2003, Sons of You has expanded and reached out to new fans, receiving attention from different representatives in the business that are working to introduce Sons of You to the masses.

Friday, August 6, 2004

2:00 pm - Backlip (no Web site?)
Backlip is an ensemble blend of diverse musicianship. Various musical icons such as Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Elvis, among others, influence the band's members. Backlip is skateboarder Danny Way (who will be competing at X Games X), Renee-Renee, Dustin Bath, Nathan James, and Trevor Christ. Bath's alliance with Renee led to his introduction to Way who was taking his music to a new level and looking for players for his band. Bath's musical sensibilities mixed with his unique guitar stylings proved to be the right alchemy for Way and Backlip. The band's love of music and great eclectic chemistry together shows through their music.

3:30 pm - Dumb Luck
Dumb Luck is a three-piece unit with an energetic fusion of rock and reggae. Some have dubbed Dumb Luck "The Police" for the new millennium. Hailing from Los Angeles and Orange County, the seasoned musicians that make up Dumb Luck are no strangers to the local music scene. The band features Jim Perkins on guitar and lead vocals, Phil Valdovinos on Drums and Johnny Baldaray on bass and vocals. Despite the band's serious and gut checking lyrical content, Dumb Luck delivers a live show that is fun and sometimes light hearted. Dumb Luck has recorded an album co- produced by the Wizardz of Oz, that showcases the band's live intensity loud and clear. Encompassing the sounds of blues, rock and reggae, Dumb Luck is sure to satisfy the finickiest of musical appetites.

4:15 - Operatic
Operatic's sound stands out from the slew of up and coming bands attempting to be unique. The results of their brutal self-discipline and determination are clearly heard through their genuine, unformulated, good music. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed as can be seen through their consistent bookings at recognizable events such as the Tempe Music Festival and X Games Global Championship, but also among the local music scene in venues like the House of Blues. Operatic consists of professional skateboarder Jesse Fritsch on guitar and vocals, Josh Vargo on guitar, Andrew Simpson on bass, and Ted Humphrey on drums. The band is currently touring the east coast.

5:00 pm - Strung Out
Technical and aggressive, yet melodic and emotional, Strung Out has emerged from the grossly populated Southern California music scene as one of the strongest and most creative melodic punk bands in the land. Strung Out formed in 1992 and instantly achieved recognition for their ability to creatively fuse punk, metal and progressive rock. They have built a solid worldwide fan base through years of touring and progression as songwriters and performers. And Strung Out goes to great lengths to repay their fanatical and frenzied fans. They plan to take their massive groundswell of support on to the next level, and you can expect to see a lot from Strung Out in 2004 and beyond.

5:30 pm - 2MEX and AWOL ONE
Indie Rap Heavyweight 2MEX (born Alex Ocana Jr.) hailing from Midcity, Los Angeles, is bred from the world famous Good-Life and is a member of the Visionaries. This lyrical MC for the masses represents a new breed of rap star. Lyricism at the highest level teamed with phat beats and production that combines punk rock, hip-hop and electronica form the sound that is called 2MEX. His single Fernandomania, which includes the whole west coast underground and pro skaters Kareem Campbell and Javier Nunez, has heavy rotation on MTV2. His new single Baby I Ain't Joking features label-mate, AWOL ONE, and is hitting alternative rock radio. Bursting out of LA's infamous hip-hop scene, AWOL ONE is considered one of the leaders of the emo-rap revolution, as stated by Spin Magazine. His throaty style mixed with words of introspection and defiance has set the bar. Whether he's rocking the Warped Tour or busting with his group, The Shapeshifters, he's always at home because his style ! walks the tightrope perfectly fitting into both alternative rock and hip-hop. His newest self-titled release is in stores now.

Saturday, August 7, 2004

3:00 pm - The F-Ups
Eighteen and just out of high school, the F-Ups may be young, but the self-described outcasts and longtime friends have been together as a band since 1999, when they first joined forces in their suburban Rochester, Minn. junior high for a battle of the bands competition. And after five relentless years of daily practice sessions and local gigs, they are realizing their dream of releasing a CD and going on the Vans Warped Tour to play alongside punk veterans like Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, NoFx, and the Vandals. Not surprisingly, the F-Ups hard work started to pay off as singer, guitarist, songwriter Travis Allen, bassist Andy Collett, guitarist Chris deWerd, and drummer Taylor Nogo found themselves holed up at Terrarium Studios for a month and a half, recording their debut album. The result is a an album that reflects the group's unusual maturity and dedication that boasts 12 high-octane high school anthems that grapple with the universal concerns of a rebellious and awkward adolescence: aimlessness, lack of ambition; sexual experimentation and overbearing parents.

3:50 pm - Josh Todd
Josh Todd (former singer of Buckcherry) and his new band simply called JOSH TODD -- Josh (vocals), Jesse Logan (guitars), Mike Hewitt (guitars), Mark John (bass) and Kent Ross (drums) -- released their highly anticipated debut album, You Made Me, March 9 through a partnership between TODD Entertainment, LLC. and XSRecords (distributed by the Navarre Corporation). Described by Aquarian Weekly as "?a kick-ass thrill ride that will bump you all night long," it was produced by Chris Johnson (Evanescence, Masters of Reality) and mixed by Rob Chiarelli (Madonna, Public Enemy). The album's first single, "Shine," was a "Most Added" track at Active Rock radio stations across the country its first two weeks out. The band recently concluded six month's worth of headlining U.S. tour dates. Their appearance at the X Games is being preceded by the band's first trip to Japan for two special shows as part of "The Rock Odyssey" festival in Yokohama and Osaka. The band is looking forward to s! haring the stage in Japan with such prestigious artists as Aerosmith and The Who.

4:40 pm - The Exies
A four-piece modern rock outfit from Southern California, the exies blend an unmistakable penchant for classic song crafting with the intensity and recklessness of a true rock band. the exies first album "Inertia" featured the smash single "My Goddess" which was all over the radio and MTV. They are currently in the studio with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver), putting the finishing touches on their upcoming Virgin Records release. Look for the band's first single "Ugly" to hit airwaves and video channels this fall!

Sunday, August 8, 2004

11:30 pm - End of June
Professional skateboarder Frank Hirata and band partner Kimber Kinley make up End of June. Commitment to music, art, skateboarding and just plain living for Hirata and Kinley is what motivates them to make music that comes from within. End of June is stuff that was invented in the 60's, re-evolved in the 80's, and is gladly welcomed back in 2004! The band's music is guitar driven, 'Vocasome country' with a touch of folk that in the end lands up being just a cool blend of life on stage. "We wish it was the 60s" says Hirata. AM radio wishes it was, too.

12:15 - Juliette & the Licks
"I live for the sweat I drip on stage" says Juliette Lewis, of Juliette & the Licks. "My goal is to give everything, all the energy I possess and inject the audience with it." The Licks became a reality when Lewis accompanied Patty Schemel (Hole) to a Blondie concert and found herself staring at fate. She became instantly inspired by the live element of the show and knew it was her calling. Lewis and Schemel along with Todd Morse (guitar) and Paul Ill (bass) recently finished recording their soon to be released debut album. "Here's what I have to say about our first album; it was very important to me to capture the spirit of our live show, which is all about urgency and an unpredictable elements. We wrote songs that we thought would be fun to perform live," explained Lewis. The album titled ?Like A Bolt of Lightning is scheduled for release October 12 on Fiddler Records.

3:00 pm - G. Love
Garrett Dutton - a.k.a. G. Love - and his band Special Sauce take their cues from many musicians including John Lee Hooker, Bob Dylan and De La Soul. When the self-titled debut was released in 1994, hits like "Cold Beverages" and Baby's Got Sauce" showcased the group's fresh sound, now commonly referred to as the Hip Hop Blues (a term coined by G. Love himself.) The album G. Love & Special Sauce is certified gold. A decade later, G. Love is proud to release a new collection of songs attesting to his musical foundation and the progression of The Hip Hop Blues. G. Love's upcoming release The Hustle is an invitation to spend long days lounging on the front porch listening to songs about love, life and lemonade. The Hustle marks the bands sixth release and it's first since 2001. The Hustle will be released on August 24th coinciding with a major tour.

For music schedule updates and more X Games information visit the official EXPN X Games Web site at EXPN.com

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